Crossover mania with The Flash!


Granted this covers The Flash episodes as well as Arrow, but I loved how these worlds keep continuing to collide. My favorite episode of the season was “The Brave and the Bold,” as was “Flash vs. Arrow” on The Flash side. The crossovers were blatant sure, but often times they worked, especially on the Arrow side which struggled with other storylines. Aside from Barry and Oliver getting together, we got to see an interesting blend of other characters too.  How about Cisco and Caitlin seeing “The Arrow Cave” for the first time (we don’t call it that)?  Who didn’t love seeing Joe West and Quentin Lance together solving a case and sharing philosophies on parenthood? Cisco and Laurel was pretty damned lame, but Cisco and Ray Palmer was a dream dork meet up (even if there was no reason for the A.T.O.M. to visit Capital City). I’m still scratching my head over the last meet ups in which Oliver could sneak away from Nanda Parbat and Barry somehow zoom in the League of Assassin headquarters to save the day before leaving again, but wasn’t it cool to see The Flash, The Arrow and Firestorm take out a very bad guy and Barry make hot tub jokes in front of the Lazarus Pool? Sometimes you have to forgo logistics for entertainment.

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