Laurel becomes The Black Canary


Hear me out. Anyone that’s read my Arrow reviews knows how I often find Laurel very annoying and self righteous. I think as a character she’s horribly written. No matter what you think about Laurel though, and given how poorly arcs were plotted season, the whole way they made Laurel the Black Canary was well done. They eased into it. She jumped into the black suit with her heart, not her head, and that does fit what Laurel would do. She couldn’t fight like her sister at all and it often resulted in some harsh lessons for her. The path to being an essential part of Team Arrow was not an easy one by any means, and even at the end of the season she still has some growing to do. Her “friendship” with Nyssa obviously helped her training and hopefully she ends up spending the summer with her at Nanda Parbat to work on her skills a bit.

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