Dying for some nice Arrow spoilers teasers?  While I’m certain that more will be revealed at this weekend’s Comic Con, here’s an interview with executive producer Marc Guggenheim over some of the more burning questions about what we were left with in Arrow Season Three and what can we expect to happen next.  It’s spoiler light, but it does share some small teasers, especially regarding Oliver and Felicity, Laurel, Diggle, and even Malcolm Merlyn (sounds like he’ll be busy).  Although, there is a reveal for the big bad of season 4, but those paying attention in the season three finale will find that isn’t much of a surprise. 

This interview is in the Comic Con 2015 edition of TV Guide being released this week.  It is from staff writer Damian Holbrook.  The spread on Arrow also has a cute look behind the scenes, and a nice focus on the cool costumes coming out of Arrow for our heroes (sounds like Thea, aka Speedy, will be improving her threads).

Oliver just retired from his Arrow gig and headed off into the sunset with Felicity. Where does the show go from here?

Part of the plan, Guggenheim says, involves “reconstituting the show,” lightening up things up a bit and unveiling a new green-hooded vigilante tasked with saving Starling City. “How we get to that place will be answered in the season premiere.”

This new vigilante is still Oliver, right?

Yes, but our hero will be rocking a different look. “There will be a brand new costume…it’s an evolution of his old one.”

Speaking of costumes, Oliver suggested that Diggle use a mask if he plans to keep fighting crime. Is he set for a new look as well?

Not a mask per se. “Part of the appeal of that character is that he is the ‘normal guy’, so we’re not looking to turn him into a superhero,” Guggenheim explains. “At the same time, we want him out in the field more, and he needs to have a means of concealing his identity—especially now that he has a wife and kid.” The solution to the problem will also be unveiled in the season premiere.

Since the old lair was raided, where is everyone going to hang now?

Start packing you bags kids! Guggenheim say the gang will be moving into “an absolutely amazing” new hideout fit for the show’s growing ensemble. “Even though Felicity gave the hideout an upgrade in Season 2, the original plan for the show didn’t anticipate a Team Arrow,” he says. “We knew Digg would be part of Oliver’s crusade and that was it. We hadn’t even invented Felicity or brought Roy onto the show when that set was designed for Season 1. So it was meant to be a two-man set…and it’s gotten crowded!”

What’s ahead for Laurel, aka Black Canary?

We can confirm that the leader-clad Ms. Lance is a full-fledged member of the team coming into Season 4. “For the longest time, Oliver was opposed to Laurel being Black Canary, but in the finale, he finally acknowledged that she was a legitimate part of the team,” Guggenheim says. The acceptance positions her to “be a lot more involved in the stories,” including an interesting situation with her father [Captain Quentin Lance]. As well as “one big development for her” that the producer can’t talk about yet.

Wherefore art thou, Nyssa?

Of League of Assassins renegade Nyssa al Ghul, Guggenheim will only tease that “we’re certainly hoping to have more scenes between Laurel and Nyssa again.”

What light can be shed on Damien Darhk?

“What can I say? We decided to go evil!” laughs Guggenheim, confirming that the as-yet-uncast former League of Assassins member and frenemy of Ra’s al Ghul will be the big bad for Season 4. “We have some exciting ideas for that role…as well as some surprises up our sleeves.”

With Malcolm Merlyn off in Nanda Parbat running the League of Assassins, does that mean less screen time for John Barrowman?

Au contraire, Meryln’s rise means a menage a Barrowman: Guggenheim confirms that his character will factor into Arrow, The Flash, and the spinoff DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

Finally, we noticed that Oliver and Felicity didn’t use protection in Nanda Parbat. And given that he already has a kid out there…

“He’s not that fertile!” laughs Guggenheim. “I can tell you that Felicity is not pregnant.” Guess Baby Diggle will have to do for now.

The picture captions have this to say:

Oliver and Felicity – “The season premiere will reveal what Oliver and Felicity have been up to,” Guggenheim says of our traveling twosome.

Captain Lance – Captain Lance continues to deal with fractured family ties in Season 4.

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