The team has to go it alone while Oliver suffers premature death – “Left Behind” (3.10), “Midnight City” (3.11), “Uprising” (3.12)


Okay, granted, I thought Felicity was a whiny brat through all this, but every one else was cool, especially Diggle and Roy. Oliver is gone, he might be dead, so what becomes of the team? They keep protecting the city, that’s what. While they were none too happy with Laurel putting on the black suit when she clearly wasn’t ready, they accepted her help anyway because dammit, she cared. That and they needed all the help they could get. They accepted her weaknesses and tried to protect her cause that’s what teams do. Ray Palmer even got to join in on all the fun as did the brave citizens of The Glades who decided to fight for their city. Heck, even Malcolm Merlyn got into the act. They had everything wrapped up by the time Oliver showed up to steal everyone’s thunder with his lame speech about his return. Show off.

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