Roy takes the fall for Oliver and is totally awesome doing it – “Broken Arrow” (3.19)


Best fake death ever. Roy was always the okay, expendable member of the team. He was a good little sidekick, but his mere existence was because every super hero has a sidekick/protégé. I didn’t see him growing into more than that and he was bland overall.  When Oliver was outed as The Arrow though, I was pretty stunned to find Roy coming forward instead and convincing the world he was The Arrow.  Even Diggle and Felicity completely backed his play, which is why he got away with the whole thing.  Kind of convenient that Diggle knows people through A.R.G.U.S. that are skilled at fake deaths, huh?  He went out with glory, and even he and Thea got some big closure a few episodes later, something that had been missing ever since they broke up.  He let her have the suit!  Now I won’t forget Roy Harper.  Very few have such great exits. 

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