Monday Priorities

Let’s face it. There are too many shows to watch on Mondays. And sometimes we need a little help to prioritize what to watch first. So if you’ve recorded or not watched yet, here’s a cheat sheet of what to watch first.

  1. Castle (Season Premiere)

    Last season ended with Kate turning her badge and knocking on Castle’s door for a little “comfort”. Make that a lot of comfort. The pair I never thought was going to happen is finally upon us. Now people like to throw out the “Moonlighting” curse out there but I tend to think the opposite can happen as well. I could really care less, for instance, that Bones and Booth are together now, because it took SO DAMN LONG,  but throughout the entire  I found myself saying “Rick, you cutie pie” out loud. Several times.

    Castle and Beckett are together and it seems to be working out. There’s also some conspiracies, some blackmail, a well-placed Judas comment directed at Ryan and Jack Coleman playing a shay shadester- and if the promo for next week is any indication of things to come, this might just be the best season of Castle yet. A+

  2. Hawaii Five-0 (Season Premiere)

    Orci and Kurtzman can do no wrong in my book. If you’re not watching this show, you’re severely missing out.  Danny and Doris’ interactions were great, Kono had a really great action sequence and their big bad is back. Thankfully they have a Naval Intelligence Operative to help them out. I love the addition of Kath, I love Kono’s kinda evil boyfriend, I love it all.  

    I think my tweet sums it up the best, “Most shows come out of the gate running, Hawaii 5-0 just kicked the gate down”  A+

  3. Revolution

    I cannot stop thinking about why the electricity is off. I mean turning off a power turbine is one thing but there must be some sort of electromagnetic pulse keeping the electricity from working and the little flashdrives temporarily block the signal.

    They are just so dumb. Don’t guilt the guy who’s keeping you alive. Don’t go off into the woods by yourself.  I was however  happy for the “Sonofabitch” that is so Kripke.  Other ramblings:  WHY DON’T TRY THE FLASHDRIVE?! Also:  ACTION ACTION!! SWORDS!!

    After watching the pilot I gotta say… The big reveals at the end of the episode are AMAZING. But I’m afraid if they keep besting the rest of the episode people will quit tuning in. B

  4. The Mob Doctor

    I just don’t get why her debt transfers to the somewhat nicer mobster.

    Why doesn’t she just tell him Moretti is dead? So many questions. This was one of the pilots I thought I was gonna really like, but I feel like it’s coming up a little too short. Medical shows do very well on TV… ER, House and Fox is predictable in wanting to fill the void. The Mob Doctor gives it a twist and they knew that coming in. So conceptually the show makes sense. I do dig the chemistry between Jordana and Zach, it’s not over the top but it also hasn’t wowed me. It’s a good show to casually watch but I wouldn’t make it a priority. This show has a very competitive timeslot and I’m not sure it can last. I didn’t watch it live, but I didn’t hate what I watched. B

  5. Alphas

    I have an affinity for Syfy shows. I love Alphas. I was really excited for this season but as it’s progressed I’ve begun to lose intrest. I guess I’m still a bit upset about Hicks and Nina breaking up, and I’d definitely rather see more of Skylar than Dani. I feel like their baddie isn’t necessary evil enough for him to be a good foil. B

  6. Warehouse 13  

    I called this from the beginning of the season. There’s nothing I hate more than predictability. Amy Acker as Myka’s sister was great. B-

  7. Bones

    Booth and Brennan are now back together and it’s awkward and all sorts of stressed. After denying the relationship for so long, I feel like that’s become the focus of the show. I feel like their relationship, their kid, detract from the show now. They didn’t show us the good part- they were just having a baby and now they live together. They skipped a lot of good character development and that’s all can think about now when I watch.  

    The case was a bit- simple. A Divorce Lawyer. Nothing unique like their dead couponer or a serial killer. I hate to say it but I think the show’s jumped the shark for me. Highlights were Sweets being on his A game and Hodgins conspiracy theories. C+

  8. How I Met Your Mother

    (Season Premiere) I love this cast. I love the writing. But how long can the show really go on for before he meets the Mother? Are they getting married in the Spellman House? From Sabrina The Teenage Witch? There are have been better episodes and for a premiere I really wouldn’t make it a priority. C+

  9. 2 Broke Girls

    (Season Premiere) I quit watching this sometime last season.  I think a lot of the writing is having a dramatic pause and then letting Max dish out a zinger. I’ve loved Steven Weber since WINGS.C

  10. Partners

    (Series Premiere) CBS’ newest comedy starring a bunch of well-known people. The plot is okay, the writing is meh, the cast is great but I didn’t laugh once.  I know the show is filmed in front of an audience, which I respect but the laughs are too loud to try and force the air of comedy. I wouldn’t make it a priority but I can assume it only goes up from the pilot. C.


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