Man, these Mikaelsons don’t stop, do they?  They just jump from one twist to another, not letting us catch our breath at all.  That’s what a three week break is for I guess.  

“Moon Over Bourbon Street” was just another very clever twist on the constant power plays that go on in the underbelly of the French Quarter.  There are new players, but the story is still very much the same.  This chapter of the tale takes place one month after this a family of 1,000 year old vampires participated in their own version of group therapy, aka “Farewell to Storyville.”  Since I never published a review for that episode, why don’t I take a few paragraphs to look at that one?

We often say about conflicts, “Put them in a locked room and make sure they don’t come out until they settle their differences.”  Well the witches did that in a perfectly witchy way, by putting on a boundary spell on the graveyard that only traps originals.  The result – we had an hour with plenty of dialogue and family drama play out, but not a lot of plot.  Sure Marcel was making deals with the new head witch Genevieve and Cami tried to bond with a severely depressed Davina, but those scenes were mere filler to offer breaks between the heavy stuff that was happening in the graveyard. 

Klaus was on a rampage, Rebekah feared for her life, and Elijah was determined to prevent Klaus from killing his only sister.  Klaus zoomed, Elijah zoomed.  It played out like a chess match where the pieces just went back and forth.  This gave plenty of time for flashbacks, like when Elijah and Rebekah tried to protect Klaus from their tyrant father Mikael on a few occasions.  Back when “Always and Forever” meant something.

Klaus remembered all this once it was brought up, but that didn’t stop him from eventually driving Papa Tunde’s blade into Elijah and stabbing Rebekah with the white oak stake.  He misses her heart though, on purpose, so no dead sister.  Klaus even cried twice! Seems that Rebekah’s years of loyalty actually amounted to something – more than the betrayal.  Klaus granted Rebekah her wish, she could have whatever she wanted.  She knew she had to leave, because this is her first opportunity in 1,000 years to be free. That’s a long time to wait. She figured her and Klaus would always be at odds and he’ll just go back to his oppressive ways.  So, she said her goodbyes and left town, leaving Elijah, Hayley, and Marcel behind to deal with Klaus. Rebekah was finally allowed to smile as she drove away with the city in her rear view mirror.  


It was revealed after the episode aired that Claire Holt was leaving The Originals and that was indeed her emotional farewell, making us to wonder how would the show be when it’s only about two brothers now.  That’ll never work-…oh wait.  Winchesters, Salvatores, Mikaelsons…okay we’re good.  Claire Holt had signed onto this show very late in the process after it got the pickup.  If they hadn’t gotten her, the show would have been about the brothers.  Guess what we’ve got now?  Or at least until she eventually comes back, which is something the actress teased at last weekend’s PaleyFest. 

In the meantime, welcome to the new show about two Original brothers!  Klaus is still moping, hiding out in the compound and at the park painting and enjoying his leisurely pursuits, all while banging the new redheaded yet very manipulative witch.  Meh, he could do worse than Genevieve.  Cami finds this relationship repulsive by the way, and Genevieve doesn’t understand why Klaus keeps her around for counsel.  I didn’t know why Gen was spying on Cami while her and Marcel slept together (that is so not Cami, even drunk!) but I’m getting ahead again.  Let’s make all that this week’s push pin item.  

Let’s go back to the beginning, where Klaus recited a gloomy narrative while everyone carried on with their lives over the full moon.  Marcel was alone (shirtless hottie alert!), the vampires were eating people randomly, and the werewolf jar of goop actually worked!  The curse was lifted and the werewolves are now hot, hairy, and shirtless all the time!  Jackson and Hayley bonded, and it turns out Jackson has an unstable, hot headed second in command too in Oliver.  I almost liked him better as a wolf, until he took that shirt off.  Damn, he’s pretty.  He really knows me, doesn’t he?

Yep, all are supposedly “healed and new,” including Klaus, but he isn’t fooling everyone.  Since Klaus has decided to mope and paint, Elijah has put himself in charge.  He’s offering unstable jerks like Diego a seat at the table to be leaders in their communities, but they answer to him.  The meeting is eventually crashed by an angry Hayley, who realizes the werewolves were left out.  Elijah tries to explain that they don’t actually live in the French Quarter, but that technicality doesn’t seem to matter to her.


Only two people realize how doomed this pact is.  One is Klaus, but I’ll get back to that in a minute.  The other is poor Father Kieran, who is approaching his very insane end.  He talked about how peace in the quarter was impossible in the prior episode, and his dramatic turn means a new human is making a power play for his seat.  It’s Casey the demon bartender from Supernatural !  (Season three’s “Sin City”).  In this show, she’s the owner of a casino and pretty big in the city’s drug trade.  She promises total misery is she doesn’t get a seat at the table, so Elijah gives her a seat.  She’s my human rep?  I want a recount.  

On the plus side, Josh is back!  I’m so happy he’s not dead.  He thinks he’s hiding, but Davina found him easily, as did Marcel.  No matter, because Marcel isn’t stupid.  He needs Josh’s help.  Davina is going through a big funk right now and not fitting in with the other two resurrected witches, especially Monique Deveraux, who has gone all super bitch witch on her.  So much for being BFFs.  This little rendition of “Witches High School” plays out with Josh getting through to Davina like Marcel had hoped and now Davina has her mojo again.  And Monique ain’t happy.  I loved a self-satisfied Davina sitting in that room full of roses, didn’t you?  Take that doubters!  Anyone curious that Oliver took a real liking to Davina at the party?  That’s an interesting pairing.  May it never happen.   

Marcel has also convinced Thierry to come back on his side, complete with ugly hat!  So his little alliance is coming together.  Elijah makes his alliance official, signed in blood for added value, but it’s all moot before the episode ever ends.  Someone has a bigger ploy going.  It was all going on at the compound, behind Elijah’s back.  Oh yes, Klaus isn’t all mopey after all and has made a secret pact with the werewolves. Aww, that’s my Klaus.  He’s promised to turn them into hybrids and make them rulers of the city again.  Jackson, since he’s the alpha wolf, is on board, and we get the convincing speech to Oliver in the end at the same time Klaus paints the final part of his New Orleans burning painting.  It all happens under a…wait for it…a full moon.  Wow, that’s foreshadowing with a capital F!  It’s quite a brilliant way to end an episode while going on a three week break too.  We’ll remember that.  


Checking my white board of alliances, aw man it’s just a total mess.  The loss of one original doesn’t seem to change the posturing and constant switching of factions on this show at all.  Life goes on.  I’m trying to sketch this all out, but it doesn’t matter, it’ll all change next episode.  So, enjoy this three week break Originals fans, because honestly, we’re gonna need that long to figure all this out.

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