Who didn’t see that coming?  Of course a circus is a perfect cover for Wesen – albeit one that had me gagging at the audiences’ willingness to buy into such implausibility.  But hey, circuses are all about the fried dough and the cotton candy, right?

For me, the circus was pretty boring, but all that surrounded it was quite enjoyable, and I do mean all that surrounded it for my eyes feasted on the set designing that went into creating the circus atmosphere.  All the colors, the tapestries and tents were gorgeous to my eyes.  I didn’t really have a connection with any of the Wesen in the show, and the star crossed lovers who were the stars of the show didn’t cause me to like them as I do Rosalee and Monroe, but the parallels were meant to draw us in:  Fuchsbau and a Blutbad and all.  I do like how Rosalee and Monroe felt compelled to assist their fellow Wesen and were willing to go straight into the action to do it, and then get ahold of Nick as soon as they realize they are in over their heads.

See, this is how ‘conflict’ should be dealt with:  quickly, simply, cleanly.  Earlier this year the producers hinted at a falling out with Nick and Monroe over how much Nick relies on Monroe.  I thought it a bit odd that there was going to be such a conflict as Monroe has always shown himself willing to help and rather to enjoy the effort.  Then the big conflict arose and contextually it made perfect sense as Monroe’s parents had just insulted Rosalee and now found out their son was friends with a Grimm.  Rather than trying to make it more than it was, it was shown for exactly what it was – a moment of poor timing.  Both men felt bad about the situation, both men quickly moved past it as it was never about them at all, and here they are not only working together but also Monroe has asked Nick to be his best man – which is awesome by the way!

I really like that the show decided to give us a little insight into Nick’s thought process after agreeing to be Monroe’s best man.  It’s a credit to the character that he is thinking about how his presence will affect others, it’s also a bit of insight into just how lonely the life of a Grimm is supposed to be and just how different Nick’s life is because he has Wesen friends, as well as human friends and connections who are aware of what he is and the whole Wesen culture.  We’re told over and over again that Nick is different; it’s nice to remind us a bit just how different as Nick struggles with his place in the Wesen world.

Wu has returned to work – hooray!  I do hope that he continues to get some nudges that things aren’t always what they seem; however, it is good that he remains out of the loop.  It’s a necessary tension to keep things interesting.  And, in this particular case – with the dragon Wesen killing the ring master by frying him to a crisp, that is something easily explained with someone going rogue with a flame thrower, an item a circus would have on hand, somewhere. 

On the European front, Adalind and Meisner have been flushed from their hiding place and poor, loyal Sebastian is dead.  I’ll miss him, but his death was necessary, otherwise the Royals in Vienna would look pretty simplistic not to figure out he was the mole.  With six episodes left in the season – finale set to occur on May 16th, Adalind will finally come home to Portland with her little bundle of joy and whatever else, Mama Grimm returns – after way too long of an absence, and Monroe and Rosalee’s wedding gets closer.  Everyone has a family connection that now has a reason to travel to Portland, which makes for great Friday viewing for us.

Until next week, thanks for reading, Elle2

And how exciting – and not unexpected – but Grimm is reviewed for a fourth season!  Congratulations, Grimm!

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