Season 4 is off to a great start as both episodes have woven the overall mythology into the standard case of the week format.  Both of the cases have also sought to give the team something it needs in order to survive, first off it was the communication network, secondly the team got something just as crucial:  Finch recommitted to the mission.  As an extra gift, the Machine gave the team a new headquarters, which continues the vein of using outdated and outmoded technology.  Follow the link below for an inside look at PoI’s new headquarters.  It’s exciting the possibilities for this new headquarters, especially with all the doors and tunnels, plus it is gorgeous.

While the Machine quietly reintegrates its team, and likely sending Root out and about to similarly recruit helpers in the fight as it did last season, Samaritan boldly recruits new members right out in the open.  The difference between the two recruitment efforts is scope; the similarity is that no one in the public has any awareness of what is going on right around them.  It’s scarily true to life.


I wonder how long it will take Samaritan to figure out that perhaps Harold Whistler and John Riley are more than they appear if these two continue to intersect with people that Samaritan is targeting for itself.  Since their covers are a professor and a police officer, and both those careers made sense to have some dealings with Claire, Samaritan will likely put it down as an anomaly, but if it continues, Samaritan likely will dig deeper.

I think it is no coincidence that Root and Shaw are a bit more hidden in their activities whilst Harold and John are a bit more overt, even as they maintain their covers.  No doubt, the Machine is hard at work behind the scenes that will only be revealed to us as the season progresses.  I’m going to not speculate, but rather enjoy as the creative minds slowly set the table for the fabulous meal that will be Season 4.


I rewatched “Panopticon” just before “Nautilus” aired and was struck by Root’s pep talk to Finch about how he showed her that what they were doing was important.  I feel as though Nautilus built upon that and brought Harold face to face with his own inner turmoil as he looked at Claire and realized just how lost she was, and just how able he was to save her if he only got engaged.  In the end, Harold engaged fully but was unable to save Claire, at least for now.  He planted the seeds though and was wise enough to know that he can’t force her decision; he can only give her the information and hope she makes the right choice.  It’s possible we’ll see Claire again.  This could be PoI’s way of rebuilding the “rogues gallery” they had with HR.

It’s a fantastic start to the new season and proves that you can’t judge a show by its cover.  What started out in Season 1 with an intriguing premise coupled with a typical story-of-the-week format has evolved into a complex mythology that is constantly moving forward, at times with breakneck speed, at other times with the inevitable move of a giant glacier, dominant and powerful but slow – while at the same time catastrophically dangerous in its deceiving stillness, all the while maintaining the intimacy by allowing us to grow and learn with the characters.  We’re reminded that the Machine saved Grace, even as we lost Carter.  John does not back down on his commitment to the mission even as he suffered extensively last season.  Shaw continues to be bold and brash but has also tempered her ways as she learns to stay under the radar and “imply violence” although she may not use it.

Notes of Interest:

Love that Fusco easily figured out the clue that Reese was puzzling over; never underestimate The Fusco.

“Sometimes you forget I was an international spy.” (Reese to Finch)


Claire may not have seen the switch coming, as Scott Powell in Season 1’s Root Cause did, but hoodies are great cover for our Mayhem Twins of PoI.

“We are being watched.”  Nice subtle change up.

The opening credits are subtle in how they differentiate season to season, as well as when warranted during the season.  Our team is no longer identified as an asset/missing or admin or the like, now they are primary threat and then it switches to irrelevant.  Interesting that Samaritan views them as primary threat.  Good to know our team is viewed highly by the enemy.

Next week we get The Fusco helping out with the ladies again.  Should be another great episode, so until then, thanks for reading, Elle2.

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