This time Legends finishes out its season while Flash still has one more episodes to go.

The Flash 2.22 – Invincible

Mood whiplash anyone? They talk about Barry going on an arc the last episode and now this one they want him to reverse that arc and never mind that it would make more sense to have the airing order kind of switched but…

Wait. Hang on. You know what? I’ve been pretty down on stuff lately. So nothing but positivity for this review!

Well except for one thing. Seriously how does evil canary get hit by a car and still walk? Last I knew she wasn’t supposed to be any more superpowered than most humans – that’s nothing something you just walk off! (Oh and why did nobody ever try removing the tech around her neck giving her the sonic scream?)

3 things I quite enjoyed this episode.

1) It was great to see Amanda and John Wesley Shipp back together again after their stint in the first Flash series. That was the on/off again main couple of the original series (watch on CW!) so it was nice to get a little nod and semi conclusion here.

2) JWS also knocked it out in his performance in the death scene. He went out like a real dad: his first concern for his children.

3) Cisco’s vision is now… my TEXTBOOK example of great foreshadowing. It’s so perfect because at first glance it looks like a vision about the MotW – a bird attacking a building. Then BAM! the reveal at the end shows us that the clues were all leading to a different, but still logical conclusion. Bravo, writers. Bravo.

Final grade is a solid A, let’s see if this show can finish on top.

Legends of Tomorrow 1.16 – Legendary

I will give it this: the show had a fitting conclusion. Not airtight on plotting or logic, but it did have plenty of cool moments. Like Rip being saved by his ship from a fall. And of course I have a hard time complaining about any show which finally has Firestorm transmuting things. (Now if they could just make it clearer that it usually worked because of Stein’s knowledge, not cliche “feel the Force” mumbo jumbo.) It was also gratifying that after a season of a heat ray doing nothing, we FINALLY got Mick setting someone on fire.

So quick comic backstories. The thanagarians we’ve gone over previously (and probably will again in the recap). The Justice Society mentioned at the end was the first “superhero team” created by DC back in the golden age. With all the reboots and history alterations the comics have been through, it can vary whether them or the JLA were the first team. Though nowadays typically when a reboot happens, Justice League shows up in issues first, then Justice Society appears later. For bonus fun, one of the original JSA members is the Jay Garrick-Flash so keep an eye out for next season having some interesting intersections with the Flash tv show.

And I liked that the Hawks are going to settle down and enjoy a quiet life. They’ve earned it by now. Given the demonstrated skill this season of them utilizing the story possibilities involved with either one, they’ve definitely run their course with this writing team (besides it’s not like they couldn’t be brought back). More will be discussed in the season end review. Final grade for finale, A+

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