A few more weeks with just our 2 remaining shows. We’re going into the home stretch people.

Legends of Tomorrow 1.13 – Leviathan

Eh this was a pretty good episode with nothing spectacular to it. Though I was annoyed that neither Ray Palmer (getting slugged by a giant robot) nor Vandal Savage (getting smacked by a mace) showed much damage on their faces (a repeated problem with accepting Brandon Routh as an action star). They should have at LEAST had a few cuts on the cheek.

Probably my other complaint is that Ray vs the Robot Leviathan was CGI. I mean c’mon! The ATOM you already put into a suit once an episode so throw the stunt double into the other suit for meta lulz and have them fight over miniatures like Godzilla intended! (And don’t get me wrong, this is coming from a guy who loves, LOVES Pacific Rim but on a TV budget, CGI and Miniatures both end up looking equally fake I say go for the suits – or mix the two)

And I was disappointed that, once again, Rip is shown to be a real dunce in the planning department. I really wish the show would let him get his shit together and be the chessmaster that we all know the Doctor (who?) taught him to be.

Still I give it… a final grade of A- because I just can’t hate anything with giant anything fighting.

Flash 2.19 – Back to Normal

OMG Barry spent the WHOLE episode powerless! I… I’m kind of surprised they did it.

And uh… guess there’s not much else to talk about here or even complain about. Except maybe that we didn’t get to see even more character struggles from Harrison Wells. This is one time I would have liked to seen them bring down the villain without a fight, for E2 Harry to be completely honest with another human being. But that could just be a desire to watch Tom Cavanagh have his way with the camera.

The only other annoyance is incredibly minor too: that they want to recreate what made Barry the Flash. We have Velocity 9, we have Tachyons… use them maybe first? Ok ok, I know we can’t “really” use V9 because of the whole “anti-drug PSA” lesson from earlier in the season. But you know what’s one of the largest drug problems in America? Prescription drug abuse. So what better way to do a drug PSA that’s different from all the ones from the last 40 years? Like, “here is this useful tool. But it is merely an aid to help you heal. You must eventually give it up.” I just think it could have been a fascinating story. At the very least Barry using V9 could make an interesting season reversal with Barry now needing to steal Zoom’s speed before he falters like Zoom did previously.

Danielle did a decent enough job acting opposite of herself so no complaints there (much less any complaints about two Danielles on screen).

I still think Jessie and Cisco might make a pretty cute couple.

But like I said, the above are all just minor complaints. This episode was really kind of mediocre, putting it around a C grade, but there was nothing wrong with it, and Tom does act well and Danielle doing double duty… Meh, I’ll give it a final grade of A

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