“Mom?” Whoa, that’s one big way to kick off an episode!

That’s one thing I absolutely love about this show is that all the little cogs out there, aka the numerous intricate parts of the storylines, all threaten to surface and derail the delicate balance in some spectacular way. There’s so much going on at such a furious pace you never know what’s coming. This week we saw a number of new developments that threaten to blow everything apart and they’re all very interesting. For episode two, this show isn’t beating around the bush.

Yes, I ate up the whole Monty/Mom reunion with absolute delight. I mean, look how much they’ve been through since they last saw each other.  Remember how Monty was just dropped to the ground without any warnings to his family?  The introduction of a new group of sky survivors from Farm Nation, 63 or so, opens up new life to the story and a whole new set of possibilities. After all, these guys have been in some heavy survival mode in their fight against the ruthless Ice Nation, which is where they landed. They’ve gotten quite skilled in their warfare tactics, proven in the way they captured Kane, Bellamy, Monty and Indra, but they’re not very skilled in the peace side of things. They didn’t take too kindly to Indra’s presence. All grounders are bad. It’s interesting, that’s exactly where the survivors at Camp Jaha were in the early part of season two. This sets up some big potential conflicts between the Ark survivors, not just the conflicts happening with the Trikru and the Ice Nation.

Another piece threatening to throw everything off balance is Mount Weather. This place is an obvious awesome fortress with numerous resources, so how can they not use that? Art, technology, weapons, they had everything except their immune systems were whacked. Everything a new band of colonists on this earth needs. So naturally, that’s going to ruin the peace with the grounders too, who don’t exactly like the place. Welcome back Nyko! It’s obvious that they had to use the state of the art medical facilities to save him, but Lincoln and Nyko are two very open minded grounders. Abby and team opening up the hospital to everyone, including the grounders, could end up extending goodwill or could blow up in their faces. They have to try though, and it’s clear Arkadia doesn’t have the facilities to do that. Also, will this mean that Abby will finally listen to her medical assistant and be the doctor? Kane is a perfectly fine ruler, although newly found Pike might fight for the job as well.

As for Jaha and his saga, that can do more than upset the delicate balance. It can obliterate it. The fact that Alie is a mobile device creates all sort of mayhem. I mean, look what happened by the lake. Two faithful followers who can see the virtual “City of Light” and the non-believers trying to grab Alie for profit. Well, at least Emori. Her companion by the end was buying the Kool Aid from Jaha. She kills Jaha’s companion, mostly out of self defense, but now the dead dude is living in the City of Light and healed? Why is Jaha’s City of Light empty except for those three? Who does he exactly want to fill the place with? Why isn’t his son there?  We know it’s a mind trip, but it’s one very powerful mind trip. Now I’m wondering what happened to all of Alie’s followers before. What happens when they show up at Arkadia? Mass escapism from killer Grounders? It’s going to be very interesting when that plot intersects with the rest.

The immediate threat is clear though, the Ice Nation is on the move and Lexa and her people are working on their strategy. Clarke’s bounty hunter wasn’t working for the Ice Nation, he was working for Lexa! So now Clark is right in the heart of Polis, aka a burned out skyscraper that’s still standing. That leaves me wondering, when Indra was trying to retrieve Clarke, was she really working for Lexa? If she had found Clarke first, would she have turned on the others and delivered her to her queen? She was standing there by her side when Clarke was brought in. I never thought that Clarke would take the eventual reunion with Lexa well, and she didn’t, but we know that Lexa wouldn’t go to such lengths to have he retrieved if there wasn’t a purpose. Judging by the previews, her plan is both desperate and interesting.

Behind this very busy plot we still got some emotional and very human stories too. We got to know the character of Roan the bounty hunter, who had us wanting to know more about him. He and Clarke had quite a moment getting to know one another in the abandoned underground station and they are both more alike then they’d care to admit. They both kill out of necessity and they’re both on the run, just for very different reasons. Both of their mothers of leaders of their people too. Turns out the queen of the Ice Nation is Roan’s mother, making him prince. Except he was hanging with Lexa’s tribe and he was banished, making him an outlaw with both nations. Clarke was his bargaining chip to have that banishment lifted with Lexa but now that dear ole Mom is attacking, the deal is off. Wouldn’t it be an ironic parallel if what Abby is doing ruins the peace between Lexa and Arkadia? Those pesky mothers.

The biggest emotional moment though came from poor Jasper, who went with Abby and team to Mt. Weather. Instead of being angry and beating up people, he decided to simply find Maya’s favorite painting in the art room. He sat there on the floor, gazing at this classic (and very grim) work of art, and he wept. Octavia’s presence strengthened the moment drastically, symbolizing that in this struggle, no one is alone. Plus their bond goes back to season one, so the reminder of their friendship was nice to see. I hope this means that Jasper is on his way back. Maybe Abby’s reminder of what happened to Finn helped jar his memory too.

So, lots of new characters to get to know, lots of tense plotting, and things could go wrong in a thousand ways. Looking forward to the next episode! Two episodes in and this season is on fire.

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