If you have not seen the most recent episode, “Sanctuary,” then be prepared for spoilers.

This is my first review of Sleepy Hollow and I must admit that I love the show. Every week I grow increasingly fond of the show so get ready for a gushy review. Although warning – when I don’t like something I’m not shy about saying my piece.  So here goes…I hope you enjoy!

A Review, in Brief:

Dear Reader,

In the year of our Lord 2013 we find our beleaguered hero, Ichabod Crane, with his capable and extraordinarily beautiful partner, Abigail Mills, encountering a haunted mansion with a dastardly supernatural occupant. This mansion once belonged to a loyal patriot and freedom fighter, Lachlan Fredericks. One Mr. Fredericks was an acquaintance of Mr. Crane and his titian-haired wife, Katrina. And as you well know, Katrina was betrothed to both Mr. Crane and the devilish black arts that preoccupy the small hamlet of Sleepy Hollow, our beloved village.

The mansion’s ghost has kidnapped a wealthy citizen, Lena Gilbert, who you may think is related to a Ms. Gilbert from Mystic Falls, Virginia, but alas, according to several genealogical authorities, that is a fabrication. Whilst Mr. Crane and Ms. Mills research the residence, they too are captured by the mysterious force that holds Ms. Gilbert. Fearful for their lives, the lawful pair finds the house to be a refuge for the dark arts. This is an ironic revelation as this house was once a protected domicile that now serves a deadly master who looks as a tangled root in the forest.

The darkness descends and separates our Mr. Crane from Ms. Mills. And through some magic and mischief, Ms. Mills is beset by a vision of the former Mrs. Crane as she gives birth to Ichabod’s child, a child unknown to him until this night! The tragedy of Mr. Crane’s life wrenches the pity from my heart, dear reader, for we cannot know if the child or Katrina survived that bitter night. Once they find each other again, Ms. Mills reveals only part of the truth to Ichabod, keeping secret the gender of the child and we know not why. But reader, you must contend that Ichabod deserves all our sympathy in his enraged grief.

I can happily report that the trio escaped the clutches of the evil mansion, but in an act of revenge, Ichabod returned to the house to fully dispose of the Entish spirit inhabiting it. He was victorious, even though such victory is bittersweet. Hope and disappointment are often curiously close bedfellows.   I hear tell, though, that the child that was delivered of Katrina was nestled in the arms of Ms. Mills’ great-great-great-great grandmother. If so, what a glorious way the world works in connecting souls through time!

There is news from other residents in town. One Captain Frank Irving of the Sleepy Hollow Police force was reunited with his daughter, Macy. The child is bound to a chair and we have yet the news on how this tragic event unfolded. Rumors, which are always transient and ephemeral, whisper of distrust between the Captain and his former spouse. Yet we hear that Ms. Mills’s sister, Jenny, has found an affectionate bond with the child. Let us hope that affection will finally extend to her taciturn father.

Until my next missive, reader, may you find hope in the night and joy in the dawn.

With loving regard,



Overall this was a strong episode. The “monster of the week” set up is successful for the show and feeds into the mythology smoothly. The secondary characters of Irving and Jenny serve as a nice counterpoint to the two leads, Crane and Mills. I find it interesting that the show dealt with the idea of an absent father in two cases – Irving’s backstory regarding Macy and Crane’s unknown son. We find out more about the Mills’s sister background as Jenny notes she was not familiar with parent/child relationships. There is an emotional resonance to this show that gets more complex and fleshed out each week, so I am hopeful as we learn more about what Katrina was doing to save both her husband and now her child. I am also wondering why Abby refused to tell Ichabod that he had a son. Was it too much pain or is she afraid of something? And if so, what? Is she afraid the child is demonic or touched in some way that would break Ichabod’s heart even more?

By the way, I loved that Abby and Jenny are related to Grace – it’s a great connection
My only quibble was the monster itself. It was a kind of mishmash of Lord of the Rings Ent and X-Files Arcadia garbage monster, but it was still creepy enough to win me over.

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