For my first piece here at TVFTROU, I thought I would do something new to me.

I’ve watched every episode of Nikita except for the pilot. So today I will do a review of the pilot, and knowing what I know about season two it should be an interesting experience.

It’s certainly an interesting premise – infiltrate Division by sending in a ‘new’ recruit. I never watched the original “La Femme Nikita” or watched the corresponding movie, but I knew the basics: Woman is scorned by secret government organization. Eventually has romantic entanglements with a guy named Michael, has a mission to take them down. 

What I’ve come to love about Nikita is that yes, there still is a woman on a mission but it’s more about her team’s journey than her individual journey. Even in the beginning of the pilot, after Nikita talks about Division, it starts right up with the Alex and her ‘acceptance’ into Division.

The robbery was blatantly staged, but as a new viewer not knowing what’s going on it certainly is interesting. The government faking the deaths of criminals? For a secret spy program no less?

Including Alex was a risk – a good risk, but one that could have gone horribly wrong in different circumstances. The audience can identify with Lyndsy’s portrayal of a girl wanting to be normal even if she has a huge desire for revenge.   If this didn’t happen then people would quickly get bored watching Alex at ‘Spy Camp’ while Nikita is on the outside taking down bad guys.

I still think one of Division’s shortcomings was that they didn’t figure out who Alex is. She’s the right age, there must be contingencies Birkhoff built into their systems. 

I didn’t originally know that pool scene was a dream, so that was great to see Nikita’s lingering feelings for Michael in a dream. This pilot is setup very well for explaining what’s happening – which is why I originally skipped watching it. They also don’t know Alex and Nikita are working together.

Seeing Percy back in control is definitely a welcome sight. I’ll miss him. I still hate Jaden, so seeing her is annoying. I also never liked Thom, but they needed people in Division. 

Okay people, now its honesty hour:  I didn’t want to watch the show because it seemed like an “Alias” rip-off. Fiancée dies, romance with handler, but like I said it’s a team effort. Even if the bad guys are really bad, they’re a team.

Taking Birkhoff into the field was definitely a mistake. He and Michael obviously had their allegiances to her, even before she’d kidnapped him several times. She also has her allegiances to them, she couldn’t pull the trigger. 

NERD + NIKKI = FOREVER ‘Patch me through to Michael, Nerd’

Shane West as Michael was the best casting decision ever. 

Honestly, if you’re a first time viewer the inclusion of Alex seems pretty pointless – which is something they probably could have explained a little earlier on. Back at the loft, Nikita looks at guns. Then foils Percy’s plan. And sneaks past Roan with a General. I think the pilot was very busy, it probably had to be, but there’s the an introduction to all of the characters, plus a person to save, and Creepy Amanda who the audience doesn’t know  if she’s Really Evil or the mother figure. 

I still can’t help but think if Michael would have been with Nikita they’d still be at Division.  They were good however at planting seeds: Michael’s past, Roan’s shadyness, Amanda’s…Amanadaness, Nikita’s determination. All good characters, all good actors. After watching the pilot again there’s only one thing I’d like to remind Nikita: Percy is not dumb. It’ll be an interesting ride to take him down.

As far as pilots go, I would give the show a B. There were a lot of things they needed to do in 46 minutes and I’m not sure that was accomplished. Division really didn’t seem that evil to me, they could have played up their role in Alex’s life or Daniel’s death, but the Black Arrow seemed like a legit mission until Nikita spelled it out for the General (and the audience).

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And don’t forget to catch the season three premiere of Nikita Friday October, 19th.

Three Things to Remember from the Nikita Premiere:

Peace Love and Happiness

{Peace | Don’t Get Emotionally Attached | Birkhoff’s Alive for a Reason}


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