Well, that was an interesting turn of events! No, I’m not talking about Bellamy and his act of internal sabotage. That was a bit predictable, but 800 kinds of awesome anyway. No, I’m trying to figure out how Clarke is willing to swing both ways.

Both “Resurrection” and “Bodyguard of Lies” solidly drove the twisty plot forward, sometimes veering into some rather strange territory.  Yes, there’s still exciting action, suspense, conspiracies, alliances, explosions, but the Clarke/Lexa relationship has taken an awkward tangent, Indra continues her distrust for Sky People but gives Octavia more and more responsibility anyway (and she looks awesome doing it), Octavia and Lincoln meet up every once in a while to embrace one another with lovey eyes before splitting up to save everyone, Abby and Kane continue to be awesome, and I just can’t explain the Jaha and Murphy dynamic at all.  

What about that whole mystery of Jaha and his quest for the Holy Grail? A boat? Is that the boat that Lincoln wanted Octavia to flee to at the end of last season? The way I see it, whatever they find on the other side will be the big “Surprise!” that will take us into next season, just like the Mountain Men showing up at the end of season one. What exactly is the City of Light? Why are they using solar panels, or was that just a cool prop? Anyone think that we’re dealing with a futuristic commune or something? Or will it turn out to be like the anticlimactic mythical city of Zion a la The Matrix? Whatever the mystery, I have huge comfort that this show has a season three. That means my curiosity won’t go unanswered! Still, this pilgrimage through the desert has it’s moments.  Bonus for the visual effect of the loudmouth jokester getting blown to little bits in the mine field, pieces of him flying everywhere.  That’s up there with Artz blowing up on Lost.  Murphy even got to tell an Artz flavored joke!  Someone did their homework on that one. I have a feeling Jaha and Murphy are the only two coming out of this adventure alive, which means that Richard Harmon better be in those awesome opening credits next season.


Alright, let’s talk about the elephant in the room before I get moving to the total awesomeness of the story. Clarke and Lexa as a pair, as in a “not that there’s anything wrong with that” pair. We knew Lexa preferred chicks, so coming onto Clarke was expected, but as a character it was a huge leap for Lexa to kiss Clarke like that. She’s opening herself up to another human, and what do you know, she does feel. I admire her display of vulnerability.  I like how Clarke let her down gently, but left the door open for after the battle is over. Too bad Lexa will probably be dead by then. The signs are pretty damned obvious. I don’t think the new reincarnated leader will be as fresh. If she does live however, this does open up a whole strange new world of possibilities. I don’t see if happening though.  I should probably bite my tongue, but I’m suddenly not sure I want Clarke and Bellamy together.  I think he deserves better.  He needs a woman who knows who she is and what she wants.  I’m now shipping him with the Grounder in the cage.  

I do have a criticism of both “Resurrection” and “Body of Lies” and that’s the anticipation of the battle has disrupted the perfect pacing of the season so far.  Waiting for things to happen on the outside has left open too much time for internal drama that I could live without. No, it’s not as bad as the teenage-y high school drama we often got in season one, but I wasn’t feeling the whole Clarke and Octavia “you betrayed us” drama during the most recent episode. I especially felt Lexa’s plan to kill Octavia very contrived and a real time waster (plus it’s a waste of Ty Olsson’s talents).  Ditto with Abby’s continuing disgust.  She needs to be more worried about leading her people.  

However, that side plot bunny that Clarke knew about the attack and did nothing did come full circle in some different ways. I found it interesting that both Kane and Indra found the act forgivable given the circumstances. I love how Kane is able to manage composure and wisdom even when a pile of rocks is sitting on top of him. Talk about being Zen.  While Abby felt hurt and betrayal, Kane clearly saw where it all came from. Clarke grew up on the Ark. Was her act less forgivable than floating people for stealing things like food and medicine and letting 300 people die so that their children would have a chance to live? They’ve all had to make hard choices to survive, and Clarke has learned from example. Indra’s approach was less retrospective. Lexa was right and is a great leader.  It’s the Mountain Mens’ fault. That is all. Right on.


One more noteworthy item on the ground, Raven needs to stop using sex as a way to deal with her vulnerability. I love the pairing with her and Wick, but I keep thinking he deserves better. Now if Lexa and Clarke did that, we’d have something to talk about.

Let’s get to the awesomeness in Mount Weather though. I’m honestly stunned that Bellamy is staying one step ahead of everyone. I still say he’s got a setback coming, but he has caused quite a bit a damage wouldn’t you say? Not bad for a guy that a few weeks ago was hanging upside down getting fully drained of blood in nothing but his underwear (I saw some of you drooling over that visual).  I was screaming as that fire caught up with him in that chute, you?  That was a bit too close for my liking.  I love how his reaction was the same as mine and he jumped out of that crawl way singed but okay.  “How did I come out of that alive?”  It got my heart beating fast.  

I’m also finding it hard to believe that the “rebels” have been able to easily hide 44 people. Are Cage’s men just not looking hard enough, or did Dante Wallace inspire enough sympathizers that are working in Cage’s ranks? You’ve got to admit, he’s got more charm and less psychosis than his son.


This whole season is turning out to be the rise and fall of Cage Wallace.  The question is, now that Bellamy has all but ruined the Mountain Men’s defenses, will Cage back down quietly as the previews seem to imply? Hee, of course not. However, there’s a storm of Grounders coming to get him, there are caged Grounders on the inside ready to kill in a fit of some rather well deserved revenge, and there are of course 45 (counting Bellamy) really pissed off Sky People inside feeling their own snit.  (He better hope Jasper isn’t anywhere near an axe with they cross paths).  Will he hit some sort of self destruct button or will he flee since he can live outdoors now? I peg him to be a turn tail and run kind of guy, so I imagine he won’t be facing the fate of his fellow Doctor friend. But hey, this show has surprised me before. It’s a quick story of a tyrannical leader and it’s not over yet.  I’m still looking forward to Dante Wallace and Kane meeting.  I hope the explosion of awesomeness doesn’t destroy the earth.  

Going into the two part season finale, what will become of the siege?  Will the Grounders show no mercy, even with the innocents and try to slaughter everyone?  Will the Sky People end up protecting those that helped them? What about the children? Will the alliance hold up? (My money is on no).  Will Abby be able to take bone marrow from Jasper to save Maya so they can have all sorts of Sky People/Mountain Men babies? Will Monte get a girlfriend out of this?  Most of all, will Clarke remember that she is one of the good guys?  Will she find that moral center that’s been so eluding her lately?  Or will it take an ass kicking from both Octavia and Bellamy to find what she’s lost?  

All in all, these episodes have still been gripping, engaging, and I’m still very invested in the plot and characters, but there’s not a lot to comment on except, “WHERE ARE THEY GOING WITH THIS?” Don’t kill my favorite characters please Mr. Rothenberg. I think we’ve had this chat before.  Thanks much.  Now on with the action. 


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