Oh the twists and turns in the world of PoI.  What appears a simple episode of corporate espionage is in actuality a complicated maze of many stories all colliding in one episode.  And while no one in the universe of PoI is yet aware of the epic collision, we the viewers are treated to an extraordinary episode that shows just how intricate the web of intrigue is that has been woven by the writers.

Everybody is seeking someone or something in this episode.  Elias is looking for the shadowy figure pulling strings.  Carter is looking to exonerate Szymanski and find out once and for all if Cal can be trusted.  Cal is seeking the identity of the CI who fingered Szymanski.  Monica Jacobs is seeking who betrayed her and set her up as a corporate spy…everyone is looking, and no one knows that the person they are seeking is right in front of them.

The ending scene with Greer crossing paths with Finch and Reese is emblematic of the storylines; the answer is closer than you think.

Plageman said at Wondercon that we the viewers need to get used to the idea that not everything is always going to work out all right.  “Trojan Horse” gave us a taste of that.  Cal died, utterly innocent and utterly tragic.  He trusted his godfather and his godfather ordered him killed.  Quinn is cold.  Even Simmons was taken aback, he covered quickly but it caught him off guard.

Carter and Fusco got closer as partners as she sought Fusco’s assistance in discovering once and for all whether Cal could be trusted.  That’s a step in the right direction, but we know there will be missteps for what will she do when she eventually learns that Fusco had a hand in burying Stills and Davidson, killed by Reese, and did the actual killing of Captain Lynch, in order to save Reese.  It will be ugly; Carter will have to face head on that line between good and bad and realize that there is no line, it’s always moving.

Elias remains a bad guy but one to root for, in that odd, twisted PoI sort of way.  (Remember Reese and Finch are bad guys in the eyes of the law, yet we root for them each and every week…end justifies the means kinda thing.)  Elias is looking for ‘the’ guy pulling all the strings.  He was prophetic in his statement to Cal when he said Cal knows something he doesn’t even know he knows.  Cal died without ever figuring out exactly what that was.  Carter needs to be very careful.  She’s trusting Terney and he is the mole to HR.  The way Fusco acts around Terney, I still am convinced he doesn’t know Terney’s true allegiance.  It’s about time Carter puts a great deal of trust in Fusco, find out all his dirty secrets, Reese’s too, and gets herself to safety.  Plus it will be great to see the core four interact again.

Shaw, it appears, is being set up for the long run.  While I am not thrilled that she found her way so easily (?) into the library – and owning a very protective working dog (German Shepherd) I can assure you that no working dog (which the Belgian Malinois is) would allow an intruder into their ‘home’ without raising an alert – I do trust the writers.  They have shown thus far that each time they introduce a character or a plot line that they have planned ahead. 

Shaw and Reese have the potential for a great dynamic.  Reese, our wounded animal who has learned to trust, is reaching out to Shaw.  As Finch said, all Reese ever wanted to do is help people.  Shaw needs help and Reese is trying.  He definitely reached her with this great line, “We walk in the dark, doesn’t mean we have to walk it alone.”  I think that, plus the story in the paper exonerating Cole, gave Shaw the much needed push to take Finch up on his offer.  She has her own hobby now, one that will certainly bring her, Reese and Finch back together.

Just as Finch has an opportunity from time to time to engage in some technospeak camaraderie, Shaw would be an opportunity for Reese to share his affinity for guns and all things spy.  These types of characters usually bring out the best in our core group, so I’m all for expanding the universe a bit.

I have no idea if they plan to expand the core characters to five humans (Bear is a dog and the Machine is…well, a machine).  I do think (and hope) that Shaw will be of the type of character that Leon and Zoe have been.  She will weave in and out as the story requires.  But, who knows, perhaps the Relevant and the Irrelevant lists are destined to intertwine. 

Quick Notes:

Who doesn’t love pickpocket Reese?  Great camera angles sold that scene with Ross walking away, thumb drive in his pocket, and then John Reese appears just over his shoulder.  It’s one of many nice shots from Jeffrey Hunt.  (Who directed Masquerade, great pickpocketing there too)  Hunt has now directed five episodes of PoI, he’s next up in Episode 21, Zero Day.

“If you two would rather be alone.”  A fun and obvious line, made all the better with JC adding a little grin and a raise of the eyebrows.

“Who are you?”  “Right now, an easy target.”  Good to keep your sense of humor in a tough situation.

Bear in on the action again!  Don’t know how they got him in (much like Kara in Dead Reckoning got into the secure building) but this is PoI.  Enjoy the ride and don’t stress too much about the comic book elements.  It is after all from the mind of Jonathan Nolan.  Comic books stretch the limits but you have a lot of fun along the way.

“Good to have you back.”  Couldn’t have said it better myself.  Nice to have you back PoI.  Sad that we have three weeks until you return for the final three, but that’s television for you.

As always, thanks for reading.  Elle2

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