As much as I really enjoyed “Before Sunset” and couldn’t believe it was over, I know I missed something.  How could Klaus be dead and yet Tyler and whoever else Klaus turned into a vampire be alive?  How did that technicality work again?  Why were the brothers rejoicing over the fact he was dead and they were going to dump his body in the Atlantic?  Don’t they realize he’s only mostly dead and these things with the originals never stick?  Why do I think this is not the end of Klaus?  Why do I think the end for Alaric is very near? 

First, there’s the whole maniac killer Alaric thing.  He goes after Rebekah, but Caroline becomes his victim instead because she decides to save Rebekah and gets captured.  Way to watch her be dragged off like that without doing squat to save her Rebekah!  She tries to get Klaus to vamoose now, but Klaus wants his doppleganger first.  “Trust your hybrids over your family.  Let your spite be the death of you, see if I care.”  Don’t you hate it when younger siblings are right?  Although, I did love Klaus chucking all those things into the Maison de Gilbert to get them to let him in.  That’s using the power of persuasion.  Kudos to the writers for coming up with that trick to get around a boring limitation.  I so wanted to see the result of the torch and the propane tank.  

Turns around there’s a witchy workaround to all of this (Isn’t there always a workaround?)  No one is truly immortal.  Bonnie’s mother did a desiccation spell that immobilized Mikael for 15 years, why not use that on Alaric?  Oh right, because when that spell was done the first time, the risks were super insanely high and Abby lost her powers.  Plus, someone’s heart has to stop beating.  Enter Jeremy.  He has that ringy thing, right?  I get Damon’s concern that if he dies while wearing the ring he could go psycho like Alaric did, but I’ll take that risk over dying for real.  He’s died far less than Alaric.  Man, these death counts get weirder each time I bring them up.  

Also weird, Klaus is a Stelena shipper.  Actually, he’s more of a Damon hater, but it’s still weird.  He also doesn’t care, since he’s taking Elena no matter what, so Stefan says he’ll go with Elena and Klaus.  At first Klaus likes the sound of that, but then gets all touchy again and decides he should let Elena choose.  So what if she picked both, huh Klaus?  Oh, and boo hiss for the product placement on the digital locator for Bonnie’s phone.  An almighty witch needs a smart phone app to find people?  So wrong.  

Stefan, Damon, and Klaus all drink Bonnie’s blood to bind them all together so the spell can happen.  The plan, one of them disables Alaric, the other two hold him down.  You do realize this plan has disaster written all over it?  Especially when Klaus tells Damon and Stefan he created their bloodline.  They didn’t believe him.  I didn’t either.  I say it’s Elijah!  Of course, that’s my weekly plea to getting Elijah back on my TV screen. 

Where was I?  Oh, right, disaster.  Elena rescues Caroline, with a little extra help from Klaus.  Aww, it almost makes me feel bad that he’s going to be taken out.  He’s so misunderstood!  Then Elena figures out the technicality because Alaric won’t kill her.  There’s a reason she had to be there when Alaric was turned.  She’s bound to him.  Esther tied him to a human life span.  When she dies, so does he.  That way, after he kills all the vampires, he can’t live forever.  Clever bitch.  I’m talking about Esther, but the same could be said about Elena at this point. 

Elena uses this knowledge to threaten suicide if Alaric doesn’t let Damon, Stefan, and even Klaus go.  So how does Klaus repay her noble effort?  By kidnapping her and draining her of all her blood.  What a dick!  The reason is clear.  If she dies, Alaric dies.  In the meantime, he’s taking all the blood he can so he can get the hybrid army going.  What a dick!  You know a twist is coming.  Pretending to be sired hybrid Tyler is conveniently there and rescues Elena.  He’s caught.  Before Klaus can do him in though, Damon and Stefan arrive just in time, since Alaric woke them to save Elena.  Yikes, I’m dizzy!  

Then Stefan does the desiccation spell on Klaus.  Again, how does this kill Klaus?  How does this not kill Tyler and maybe him too?  How did this not backfire since Klaus ingested Bonnie’s blood?  Ooh, did I possibly find the loophole that’s going to bite them in the ass next week?  Or next season?  I guess we’ll see.  

Ah well, Elena lives, Jeremy lives, Bonnie does her chanting and channeling thing, Klaus turns into grey rot, so it’s all good.  Except it isn’t, because the whole desiccation was slow, painful, and the sad look on Klaus’ face over the betrayal crushed me, even though the bastard so freaking deserved it.  I do love how Klaus did get to ask Elena before that who she would have picked, Damon or Stefan.  I so wish he had gotten an answer.  

Yes, that question is a heavy handed setup for next week’s season finale where Elena chooses, as is Damon and Stefan’s amicable promise that whoever doesn’t get chosen will leave town.  They’ll reunite again after Elena lives out her life.  Sorry, but that plan doesn’t even look good on paper.  If this were Sam and Dean Winchester, they would have said screw the bitch and left town together!  

Okay, so score card for next week.  Damon and Stefan are disposing of Klaus’ body and I don’t buy it for one minute he’s really gone (it just doesn’t add up, and Rebekah is still around to embark wrath), Elena doesn’t want to choose between Damon and Stefan because she’ll lose the other (then pick both!), Ninja Matt shows up long enough so he can drink and celebrate with Bonnie, Elena, Jeremy, Caroline and Tyler even though Alaric is still a massive threat, and speaking of Alaric, guess who tells the council about Caroline and Tyler being a vampire and werewolf/vampire?  Think they’ll leave town with Damon or Stefan?  Oh, and Elena collapses at the end.  Trust me, that’s the least of her worries!  

There’s one other small mention I deem worthy.  Twice in this episode (plus others) Jeremy has sworn that he will do what it takes to protect Elena.  He declares that if Alaric chooses to die after his mission is done, he won’t let him take down Elena too.  Is that a hint that Jeremy and his other side powers and/or the ring is capable of something we’re unaware?  Curious.  

Season finale Thursday!  Hang on tight.  I have a feeling we’re going into the summer break screaming.  


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