Hey everybody else is on hiatus, so she gets the comic week to herself.

So last week everyone else played their mid-season finales, so this comic week only Supergirl was new.

Whatever else I might say about this episode, it definitely fixed what was – in my opinion – the missteps of Man of Steel. We actually see Kara work to save civilians from debris caused by her fight even if doing so put her at a disadvantage.

It was also nice to see a villain use the “catch me!” ploy in a SIMPLE and easy to follow plan – evil Auntie wanted to distract the bad guys and have a chance to sway her niece. To many movies & shows have used the “catch me!” ploy imitating the surface of the Dark Knight‘s plot without understanding the execution or principle behind it.

I was rather surprised to see that Jimmy Olsen becoming an on-board Wynn/Kara shipper. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t care about the shipping wars that usually goes on with these shows but accept them as a necessary inclusion to give them wide enough appeal for the ratings necessary to stay on the air. So what is up with the KJW triangle? I’ll admit to first assuming Olsen was the showrunners’ preference for Kara but between his encouragement and the arc with Lucy, that’s pretty unlikely for the foreseeable season. Is the show experimenting with a new formula? Are they looking to shake up the triangle? (Maybe J’onn & Kara for some Martian/Kryptonian action?) Scuttle Wynn’s hopes in some new act of total dickery?

A more interesting turn in personal relationships was Cat Grant finally piecing together the truth about Supergirl in a logical way consistent to her character and with perfect timing. She was even heartwarming in her own cold, brusk (huh, ‘brusk’ is apparently a word in Canadian English but not ‘Murican English) way. It’s a nice touch for the character and I’m curious to see how they’ll handle the dynamic going forward. Will Cat be more forgiving of Kara or “use” her to push the brand forward the same way she tried to use Olsen? Color me interested in seeing where this antagonistic mentor role goes.

I am somewhat disappointed that nobody bothered to mention that right about now, when a dozen Kryptonians are attacking, would be a great time to have Red Tornado, who was designed to fight Kryptonians. It’s funny to me when shows have an attempted message one episode, that is then contradicted by an event in a later episode.

Final Grade: I’ll have to give this one an A+. Way to go out with a bang.

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