This is the kind of episode that sets up the next several, thus, similar to “Endgame,” it’s hard to review it on its own – that and at this time in the season, and having tried to keep up with two shows’ worth of reviews, I find myself creatively spent!  (And for those who read me, you know that I’m not all that creative to begin with, so there’s that too!)

Anyway, I’ll give it a quick go.

Because the Finch/Reese dynamic is one of my favorite aspects to this show, I really appreciate how the writers, director, and editors did such a great job of capturing their relationship with simple moments.  It was Reese’s face the camera stayed on after Finch expressed his willingness for death to come to those who had kidnapped Grace.  These two men share a bond regarding the women they have loved.  We the viewer didn’t need to be reminded of their losses; we simply had to watch Reese – again, masterfully portrayed by Jim Caviezel.  Also, as Finch was taken away by Decima, the camera first lingered on Shaw, but then it moved to Reese, and it was Reese’s point of view in which we the viewer watched the SUVs speed away with Finch.

I also like how this show delivers dialogue meant to inform the viewer, all while moving the story forward.  Reese and Shaw are completing their latest number and as they walk away we, the viewers, are told that a week has transpired since we last saw them, Finch is off the grid, Reese is still the Contingency, and they are going to continue to do their job until Finch contacts them again.  It’s less than 30 seconds of screen time but we are all caught up – as well as reminded of how Reese simply kneecaps bad guys while Shaw has a bit more fun at the job…and still has a penchant for frozen treats.  And then enters Root:


Root, who first appeared as an adversary, has now become a full-fledged ally.  Even Fusco enjoys her presence – sort of.  Root appears to be utterly sane now that her precious Machine communicates with her.  She has gone from freelance mercenary to full on servant of the Machine, willingly flying all over — well, wherever, to complete tasks for the Machine.  She is also interested in protecting not only Harold, but Reese and Shaw as well.   This time last season it was Root who threatened Grace’s existence in order to keep Harold in line, but now she seems genuinely shocked that Grace is in danger, and joins the rest of the team to keep her safe.
Root has had a fascinating journey from psychopath to delusional Machine groupie to protector of relevants and non-relevants all while maintaining her absolute devotion to the safety of the Machine.  Amy Acker is excellent in this role, no doubt enjoying every delicious moment she has with it, and I for one love watching her light up every scene she is in.  I have no idea if Root makes it out of Season 3 alive or not, but I’m enjoying the character while we have her.  Looking forward to my summer routine of rewatching all my DVDS, thus I’ll enjoy Root from the beginning all the way through to the end of Season 3 (once my Season 3 DVDs arrive in September that is).

Beta does its job very well.  We see Samaritan pass its test not only with Senator McCourt but also with Greer.  We are treated to some additional insights into the character of Grace, and realize that her strength was also something that attracted her to Harold.  We see different shades of Greer as well as he treats Grace as an intelligent woman all while choosing not to reveal all he knows about Harold – first off that his last name is Finch, at least as Greer knows him, as well as that he is alive.  For all his ruthless ways, Greer shows amazing delicacy as he keeps Finch’s secret of being alive away from Grace and also takes great care with Grace to keep her safe – except for that T-boning of her car that is.


Beta puts many pieces in place:  Finch is in the hands of Decima, Samaritan is to be green-lit by McCourt, the hardware for the device is on hand – although some of it has been taken by Root, for purposes yet revealed, Grace has been whisked away to safety across the Atlantic, and Reese, Shaw, and Root are set to act to retrieve Finch as well as prevent Samaritan from coming into existence.  All the pieces from earlier in the season are being knit together to close out this third season…and Beta put the pieces on the board, most of them.

We have two episodes left and then the long hiatus until Season 4.  But hey, we could still be wondering if there was to be a Season 4 as some fans are in regards to their shows (although that list grows shorter each day).  Chin up all, we can enjoy the next two and then there is only six short weeks (give or take a day) and Chris Fisher will be entertaining us via his Instagram photos from the set as July rolls on per schedule.

Until next week – and I’ll try to be quicker next time too.  No promises though!

Thanks for reading, Elle2

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