It’s a brave new world in this dystopian future of earth, and it’s about time too. “The 100” returned for its much anticipated third season and “Wanheda, Part One” felt like a part one for sure. Not that it’s a bad thing because we really did need to spend time finding out what everyone had done over their summer vacation. Turns out plenty. It also turned out to be a new beginning for many, a hope that had been non-existent in the first two explosive seasons.  It’ll last, right?  Hee, what show are we watching?

It’s amazing how fast this world had changed in a short time, brilliantly demonstrated by John Murphy’s isolation in the safe bunker for three months. He was metaphorically the audience, going stir crazy for months, wondering when the time would come to see this world again. New regular cast member Richard Harmon (it’s about time he was added) did an incredible job in the jarring opening sequence of a man going completely insane while trapped in safely away from the world. I thought he would have murdered Jaha just as soon as he got his strength. Maybe he still will.

From this point the episode moves through the line of characters to see how they’ve changed since the gut wrenching battle at Mount Weather three months ago. Jaha has found his “city of light,” peace and tranquility in the company of Alie and her massive estate. Turns out Alie has been misunderstood all this time. She’s trying to save the world, not hurt it. We think. Yeah, that didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but this was just meant to be a setup. There’s a whole season for all that to play out. In the meantime, I’m just glad Jaha and Murphy found a good boat for transport that is far less vulnerable to the giant sea monster.

From there it’s onto the beautiful bare abs Bellamy Blake, who has a new role as leader of some sort of militia or military that’s been formed in the camp. He’s training new recruits by duking it out with Lincoln, who is still a much better fighter and who’s looking a bit more ripped with his bare abs. Lincoln still feels like an outsider even though Bellamy is treating him like an equal in their camp. Lincoln has to remain on lockdown though since there’s still that death bounty on his head out in grounder world.

From there it’s onto Monte, who is a part of Bellamy’s crew as is Jasper, although only one of them is sober. Guess who’s the drunk? Jasper still isn’t taking the death of Maya very well, although he’s still allowed to be part of the crew out of total loyalty.  This can’t go well and it didn’t. Remember when Finn went over the edge?  He has this propensity now to push himself in harms way and doesn’t care. For the record, I hate the buzz cut! I loved his old floppy hair.  His innocence is gone.  

Kane is playing his faithful Counselor role to Abby’s Chancellor, who is really spreading herself too thin since she’s the doctor too. Why she won’t give power back to Kane is beyond me but in her haze it’s clear he’s calling the shots when she isn’t. Also, why haven’t these two shacked up yet?  Kane has maintained a strong alliance/friendship with Indra and it’s awesome. Hmm, why haven’t they shacked up yet?  In other news, Raven dumped Wick for reasons unknown, but she’s in physical pain and going through that whole “I don’t need anyone’s help” crap again. Octavia is really pissed at everyone right now for reasons unknown. I guess she still thinks she’s a Grounder and wishes Lincoln would be.  She and Lincoln are muddling through all this together though, even though Lincoln is the far more passive and practical of the two.

The plot then takes off from there when Bellamy and his team of Monte, Jasper, Raven, Octavia, and Miller (so happy you’re still alive Miller). They go out patrolling in their new military vehicle (except Octavia who’s preferring horse), which I can only assume was acquired from Mount Weather. Cool!  The whole camp has a new look and feel, more vibrant, more secure, more confident, and a new name. Welcome to Arkadia folks! Clever name.

Out of the episode, I loved the camp scenes the most. The personal changes are inspiring and bring new hope as these worn torn colonists begin to build a new community. Bellamy has a girlfriend. Lucky girl! It was also mentioned that one of the frequent medical procedures people are having done is getting their contraception devices removed. Yes, the sky people are finally going to pro-create. But I most of all owe major kudos to Mr. Rothenberg for finding a way to work in a well known punk song about sexual frustration into a couple of great musical montages. “Day After Day” indeed. It can’t be all work and no play. For the first time in all of their lives, these colonists from the sky are finding new hope and beginning to plan a future. They’re stocking up with supplies from Mount Weather and beginning to laugh and love again. That’s the peace that Kane and Bellamy’s teams are fighting for and will do anything to protect.  

There’s a gotcha though, and that’s our other loose cannon, Clarke. Turns out that there is an ice nation out there that is threatening the peace (aka forbidden!) because they want Wanheda. Who? All the grounder tribes want Wanheda, aka bringer of Death. We know who that is! And this is where Clarke’s decision to leave the camp and go out on her own becomes a totally bone headed move, dangerous not just to her but her people. She is the most hunted person out there. Come on Clarke, even Lincoln stayed behind in safety. The grounders in their mystic ways think that she holds great power right now because of all the deaths on her hands and by killing her, they will absorb that power.  Ah, primitive tribes.  

Yes, there’s that consequences of actions thing that this show loves to run with.  In fighting for her people’s survival, Clarke has created a very nasty situation that could backfire very soon and unravel the very peace she fought for.  We did get some time to see just how bad ass crazy Clarke has gotten. She’s trapping and killing panthers to sell at trading posts for food, and she’s fancying the trading post lady for…other stuff…that we got to see in graphic detail. The passionate love scene between the two ladies shows how both are desperate for comfort from all the misery around them. It’s also interesting how Clarke’s companion looked a lot like Lexa. No doubt Clarke is still thinking of her despite everything that happened. Granted it maybe a love/hate thing right now, but she’s thinking of her.

All the pieces are in place now and no doubt it’ll all start colliding and coming together soon. The big setup for part two was Bellamy, Monte, Kane and Indra are all on a secret mission together. It went…sideways. Now they’re trapped in the vehicle between two trees and we have our … for next week. Well that and the fact that Clarke was captured by a grounder hunter after her little tryst. She probably had that coming tough. Kane had made it clear to Bellamy that they were enjoying the peace and didn’t want that screwed up, but it sounds like Kane and his people could be living on borrowed time. A lot of the natives have no idea what peace is. I’m still strangely curious to see what Alie has to do with all this, who BTW is a moving, talking, go wherever she wants AI.

One other little nugget that was eluded to in the beginning intro narrated by Bellamy, it sounds like this season might introduce other sky people that were on the other pods that fell to earth. They had a red herring for that this week in the previews, because the signal it turned out to be an ice nation guy who found a receiver. I’m dying to see that story evolve! What if there’s another Arkadia out there?

Welcome back “The 100.”  It’s so good to have you back! Now don’t kill everyone.  

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