Everything picked up where in left off this week on The Originals, sort of.  While the storytelling last week focused more on the emotional impact of the busy story, this week they went for mostly busy story.  That’s not a bad thing, after all, it’s the twisty plot of this show that often makes it so good, but sometimes you have to be in the right set of mind to follow along without a scorecard.  I’m not sure that was my frame of mind on Monday, but I’m over it now.  

It all begins with a trail of bodies and a grumpy Hayley, who’s basically pulling an Elena by moodily standing up naked from her bath in front of one of the brothers.  Elijah is too much of a gentleman though, and hands her a towel not impressed.  Come on Elijah, it’s okay to enjoy it.   We get it, she isn’t taking this whole hybrid thing too well.   The overarching back story of the week focuses on Elijah and his constant act of sacrificing his well being for the sake of others.  It’s a rare act as a vampire if you think of it, but when you’re a 1,000 year old vampire, those sacrifices tend to linger and sting for a long time.  Now we know why Marcel hates Elijah so much, because Elijah shunned him as a child after trying to be a positive mentor for him.  Klaus got jealous, Klaus and Marcel had a deep bond, yada, Elijah gets to be the dick.  Yep, Marcel is still holding that grudge.  


Considering his family though, you can see why Elijah does all that.  He’s the black sheep of the family, the sane one.  That’s really tough when he had to choose sides between Klaus and the very reckless Kol.  Guess who won?  It’s kind of obvious why Kol doesn’t care for his brothers  much either.  In this new body of his though, he’s smarter.  Oh yes, he continues to be in it for himself, but he’s exercising patience and strategery (yes, I know that’s not a real word but doesn’t it fit?).  He doesn’t trust his mother and Finn either, pretending to be on their side.  But oh, he knows something they don’t. 

In between all the touching flashbacks involving Kol and Marcel is one screwed up tale of family reunions. Despite my speculation last week, Esther in a Cassie suit, Finn in whatever and new Kol don’t know what sort of weapon Davina was keeping in the attic.  They just know she has something.  Davina’s “weapon” is growing rather mouthy and anxious, and any good will they had together last week is gone.  She’s still convinced she’s under control.  Delusional sap.  Unfortunately, she’s still not able to figure out how Klaus dies while Marcel and Josh live and her frustration is rising a bit.  It’s getting a bit prickly in the attic  

New Kol convinces Davina to have dinner, after standing her up for coffee so he could inspect the attic only to find it was locked and couldn’t be entered.  Finn and Cassie didn’t like Kol’s plan of wooing her slowly though and brought in the werewolves to attack her.  One of the beasts  threw Kol behind the bar and good thing too, because he got to see everything yet say he didn’t!  An outnumbered Davina summoned Mikael, he showed up really fast ripping hearts out of werewolves at a rapid pace, and Davina’s bracelet of control went flying off in the scuffle.  Mikael was about to rip Davina up like paper mache but then Elijah and Marcel showed up.  Surprise!  Mikael almost killed Elijah until Marcel found Davina’s bracelet and back to the attic he goes.  But his secret presence there isn’t so secret.  


Klaus wasn’t having such a great day either.  After convincing the remaining werewolves that Hayley should be their Queen (huh?), he has a nice chat with Cassie, who keeps calling him Niklaus.  Only family calls him that.  Surprise!  Klaus goes back to the compound reeling over the fact that mommy who wants him dead is still alive, only to find Elijah at the compound reeling that daddy who wants him (and Klaus) dead is still alive.  So which parent do they kill first?  

Kol on the other hand confronts mummy dearest over sending werewolves to attack Davina.  She does have a weapon!  Of course Esther expects Kol to tell her what it is, but Kol has an out.  He has the head wound to prove it!  He didn’t see a thing.  Oh except Mikael showing up and tearing up everyone, and that Elijah knows the secret too, but not like he said that.  Anyone think he’ll approach Elijah and Klaus?  No, probably not, because the flashbacks of two daggers going through his heart courtesy of Klaus still stings.  Vampires and their lingering memories.  

Oh, and for the flashback plot to go full circle, Elijah leaves the compound so Klaus can have Hayley.  There.  His happiness is ruined again.  Someday this guy just needs to win. 

There’s the twisty plot in a nutshell.  I must say even though it was flashback form, I was thrilled to see Nathaniel Buzolic again.  Any chance he gets to come back and replace the new Kol?  I know, his body burned up, I doubt that will happen.  A girl can dream, right?  What happens when Esther finds out about Mikael?  Something tells me Davina will wish she was never born.  Hopefully petulant teen witch has learned not to be so over confident about her new found power.  She should be listening the Marcel.  Something tells me a comeuppance is in order though.  Or maybe not.  One downside to this week, I just don’t give a damn about the werewolves.  Hayley needs to embrace her vampire side and kill them all.  

Next week, another awkward family dinner.  Those zany Mikaelsons.  

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