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“Cold Blooded” was episode one of a two-episode midseason finale.  While each episode was a separate storyline, the overall arc of Adalind and the Royal family continued seamlessly throughout.  I’ll treat the episodes separately with regard to their cases of the week, and look at the Vienna adventures straight through.


First up, “Cold Blooded”


While the title is certainly a shout out to the Gelumcaedus, who are cold-blooded, preferring to live in Florida during their ‘downtime,’ it is also a nod to Nick’s grittier persona this season.  The episode’s opening montage reminds us that recently Nick was struggling with the murder of a human being.  That event was even flashbacked to as Nick donned his latest armor/weapon in the form of a vambrace.  When the moment came for Nick to be put to the test, he didn’t hesitate; several forceful and deliberate slashes and two Gelumcaedae (?) met their demise.  To prove that Nick is in a new state, the episode ended with him at his trailer, returning the vambrace to his armory, and, with a fair bit of satisfaction, embracing the new name he has learned that Grimms are called by:  Decapitari.


The show is doing a decent job of showing both sides of Nick’s life.  By day he’s a detective.  The scenes with him and Hank and then others with him, Hank, and Wu do a good job of connecting all the procedural dots.  We understand where the robberies connect, that they are, indeed, connected to the recent mauling victims and how and why Nick and Hank choose to investigate the sewer/waterway systems where they do.  In other words, who, what, where, when, and why are all handled well.  The scenes also move fairly quickly and without being boring.  Much of that goes to the ease and comfort that the three actors share in handling these moments.  The rest comes from me just absolutely enjoying every scene that Officer Wu is in. 


While I knew that Wu was in no danger underground — no way we’re going to lose this scene-stealing character – I still had a bit of a chuckle at the fact that he wore a red hat.  Usually it’s the ‘red shirt’ that is the fodder.  But, with Nick wearing the red safety vest, the rest in yellow and orange, it was Wu’s red hat that made me laugh.  His discomfort, to me anyway, was understandable.  I hate small spaces.  The show had a bit of fun with the whole alligator in the sewer storyline, and while they didn’t actually come out and say that the only thing plausible that could have torn the man’s limb off was an alligator, it was heavily implied.  Ah, the alligator in the sewer storyline, it never gets tired.


In this episode, Monroe and Rosalee were relegated, along with Juliette, to mere exposition and a moment of research.  Still, it’s just so darn nice seeing this gang simply enjoying each other’s company and all working together. 


Final notes on Cold Blooded


Love Wu and Hank’s verbal and nonverbal moment after Wu related that his uncle had frightened him into peeing in the bathtub as a kid because alligators, supposedly, lived in the sewers.  Yuck it up, fellas!


Um, dead people on a stretcher don’t need to have the blankets neatly turned back so as not to cover their face.  They’re dead; cover them up.

Pay attention to the scene dressing.  When Hank is grabbed outside his home, he was holding his mail.  Pretty certain it would be dropped on the deck and/or ground; it should have been left there for when Nick arrived.


Nice fight sequence with Nick slashing and killing two Gelumcaedae (?) and then Hank and Nick teaming up for the takedown of the third.


Twelve Days of Krampus


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Our second episode provided a small bit of humor, Nick and Hank beating on Santa, and a nice bit of character insight.  This is Grimm at its best, a fun monster/case of the week, a wee bit of character insight, and a bit of movement forward on the whole Royals and Adalind front.


I’ll discuss the Royals and Adalind first, and tie that back to “Cold Blooded.”  By seeing these two episodes on the same night it actually felt like the whole mytharc took a big leap:  Renard met all the resistance, and we learned that the resistance isn’t a cohesive unit; Adalind’s secret has been discovered, as has Renard’s – no doubt the same surveillance that knows about Adalind’s bloody skin treatment knows that Renard is in Vienna, and the stage is set for Adalind and Renard to meet face to face…in three weeks that is.  While I’ve been enjoying Renard working with Nick and Hank and Company, I have never trusted his motives.  The fact that he announces to the resistance that he “has a Grimm,” makes it clear that while Nick is useful to him, he’ll be on Nick’s side.  Yeah, don’t trust the man.  Don’t trust the Royals.


Nick and Hank got into a wee bit of PR trouble this week.  The whole beating up of Santa was funny; it’s a shame we’ll likely never see anything more on this.  While most procedurals don’t go back and discuss their cases, there are important issues that should come up time and again.  For instance, the massive bar fight at the beginning of this season that resulted in one dead person should be referenced; especially since it ties directly to Nick.  I do like that the Council was referred to though.  While Nick tries to handle most things as a detective, there are times when outside assistance is required.  It is a nice tie into the appearance of the Council last week that Nick suggested turning the Krampus over to them.  They’ll likely just kill the guy though…poor guy.


The charm of this episode lay with the character development between Rosalee and Monroe, and a tiny insight into Juliette and Nick.  I’ve said it many times now: I’m really enjoying Nick and Juliette this season.  Juliette positively beamed as she talked to Rosalee about how she and Nick found a way to make a Christmas tradition of their own.  While we don’t know what it is, we do know that they found it.  That’s enough for me.  It was also a nice statement on the fact that Nick didn’t have the same comfortable or consistent childhood as Juliette did.  We should never forget that Nick’s childhood was sorrowful; his heritage dangerous.  Juliette’s knowledge about Nick gave her an opening to help Rosalee look at her sorrows a bit differently.


We are shaped by our experiences.  Rosalee is the woman she is today because of the experiences in her life, both good and bad.  The loss of her favorite aunt and uncle is certainly a sorrowful event; one that has weighed her down heavily over the years.  This year, through the joy and positive outlook of Monroe, as well as his own selfless act of love and respect, she’s found a new outlook.  She’ll blend their two Christmas traditions.  Monroe can have his expansive decorations that are beyond over the top – but reflect his enthusiasm for all things in life, and she’ll honor her aunt and uncle with the simple addition of a glass of beer and a cigar.  It’s a blend of the joy and the sorrow.  It’s beautiful.


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Grimm is taking a break for three weeks.  Come January, it returns with five in a row and then a break for the Olympics.  We know that Adalind and Renard reunite.  We also know that Juliette gets into a fight with a Wesen that’s in her house, and Rosalee’s mom stops by.  Sounds like a little something on all fronts for our favorite Portland gang.


Until then, thanks for reading.  Elle2




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