Wow, this story doesn’t stop to catch it’s breath, does it?  I can’t imagine that things would be all good and calm after the events of the midseason finale, but there sure wasn’t time for grieving  and processing the loss after Finn’s tragic demise.  There were a bunch of angry grounders nearby and life was not improving at Mt. Weather. 

What surprised me the most though is how I got so teary within the first minute.  Picking up right where we left off from the midseason finale, Clarke did take a pause to meltdown, frantically in tears trying to wipe the blood from her hands after she returned to the camp.  It wasn’t just her crushing reaction that got to me (bravo Eliza Taylor), but Abby and Kane entering as well, both of with expressions of sheer heartbreak.  For people who’ve seen a lot of death and loss, their pain seemed very real.  Kane especially has grown fond of the maturity of this girl that was not so long ago outcast to the ground to die.  Her act earned his total respect, for even he admitted to Abby later that Clarke was essentially the one in charge.  

But enough of Kane and Abby (although I agree Abby, it’s time to give Jaha a break), because the whole hour was mostly the impact on Clarke.  While I suppose that her hardening herself was the only way that she could cope with the horrific act of killing Finn, it wasn’t easy to watch.  That’s why this is such a compelling show, because they’re not afraid to go to those dark places, as uncomfortable as they may be.  Many perceived her haunting by Finn to be cheesy, but I got the point of it.   He represented Clarke’s conscience.  Each time she ignored him, or shoved him away, it resulted in her pushing others away as well.  This was most obvious after she agreed to let Bellamy go alone into Mt. Weather as the “inside man.”  It went against everything she said earlier, but then she decided there’s no room for weakness.  She has to make the tough choices to save others.  No wonder right after she did that she dismissed that ghost of Finn.  She wasn’t going to be haunted by her acts anymore.  If Bellamy dies I hope his ghost haunts your ass babe!  

It didn’t help that her obvious parallel and example in all this was Lexa, who’s living by the mantra that love is weakness.  Considering she’s the young commander of a warrior race, there’s no room for that in her world.  But I don’t believe for a second that Lexa is that callous and heartless.  She still feels loss and still has extreme sympathy for others that suffer.  She’s no different than a Kane, Abby, or Jaha (interesting that Kane noted how the grounders are so much like them later).  She’s moral, fair, but has to make the tough decisions for the sake of her people, like condemning her second in command and faithful protector to death after his poisoning attempt to ruin the alliance.  It wasn’t just any death, he had to suffer the way Finn was supposed to, sliced and diced until the merciful end came from Lexa.  It was a sober reminder of how merciful Clarke’s act was, and one that should granted her some self forgiveness.  Raven certainly came around.  But no, she decided being tough worked better instead.  

“The dead are gone, the living are hungry.”  This was none more true that the restless Grounders who weren’t going to welcome the Sky People with open arms.  Even though Lincoln returned to his village, many were treating him like a traitor (not Ty Olsson’s character!).  I didn’t see that too much of a stretch since he’s been on their crap list every since he started sneaking off with Octavia last season, but I’m not sure I get Lincoln’s disappointment.  Perhaps he thought his people would be more forgiving?  He’s still fighting his own inner demons though from being a reaper, so no wonder he was willing to go back to Mt. Weather with Bellamy.  It’s the only way to exorcise those demons so he can at least live with himself.  It’s looking more and more like he and Octavia need to start their own colony or something.  I see this as a perfect opportunity to be a hero to his people by rescuing them.  I just hope he gets the chance to kill that twerp President’s son. 

Speaking of that twerp, his overconfidence and desperation is clearly the weakness that’s going to unravel him and the Mountain Men.  He didn’t take the threat of an alliance between the Grounders and the Sky People seriously at all.  His invincibility complex is going to be the end of him!  Plus, he captured Monty after he unjammed the signal and got the distress message out.  You are so going down dude!  Nobody puts Monty in a cage! 47 cages, and now two of them are filled.   This alliance better hurry.  

On a side note, I’m really excited to see Bellamy branch out on his own.  A lot of the focus this season has been Clarke’s emergence as a leader and I’m dying to see Bellamy get his turn too.  After all, these two are the Abby and Kane of their generation.  I do wonder if Clarke is going to get that “What have I done?” feeling if some kind of harm comes to him.  I hope so, because I’d like to think she just can’t turn off “weakness” as easy as she thinks.  Love may be weakness, but it also defines character.  

Oh, and what’s this about the Ice People?  Given that The 100 has been renewed for season three, could that be our new encounter for next season?  There’s also the City of Light, and there’s a whole world out there, so the possibilities are endless.  I just know that once again, I’m going into next week and I can’t predict a thing.  I’m anxious to see how Grounders and Sky People fight together when their lives are on the line.  That’s when real alliances are born.  

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