I like the way Grimm has been handling multiple storylines these past couple of seasons, with this one being their strongest yet.  So far this season we’ve dealt with Nick’s loss of his powers, allowing Trubel to step forward; Trubel working with all the Portland gang honing her skills and gathering intel on the Wesenrein members who targeted Rosalee and Monroe, ultimately kidnapping Monroe.  We’ve met Renard’s mother as she came to save him from his near death from multiple gunshots, and then she joined in assisting all the Portland gang in retrieving Nick’s powers.  We’ve seen Wu finally come into the know and now watch as he actively assists in research and surveillance as well as the capture of rogue Wesen; and the entire Portland gang, now including Sergeant Wu, were on hand for the capture of the Wesenrein and the saving of Monroe. 

There have been some stories that have been sidelined, such as Kelly Burkhardt with baby Dianna, and Adalind and Viktor, currently en route to Portland, and Agent Chavez’s interest in Trubel earlier this season has yet to be revisited, but I’m sure those are simmering away nicely.  Threaded throughout has been the continued involvement of Juliette as she and Nick mutually and simultaneously came to the conclusion that he needs to be a Grimm, and Juliette was instrumental in making that happen – which apparently comes with, hitherto unseen, strings attached.  Thus we are launched into a new direction with Juliette now a Hexenbiest, and now in touch with a strange and likely dangerous mentor, of sorts, Henrietta, and Renard suffering hallucinations (?) regarding his shooting.  Is that Adalind’s doing or Henrietta’s or something else?  Not sure, but we’ll find out.

Death Do Us Part was very much an episode that was heavy on the procedural, light on the mythology, and that was is its intent; call it a cleanser if you will; television’s version of a sorbet.  We’ve been refreshed with Hank, Wu, and Nick working a case with clear Wesen attachments, Rosalee and Monroe given a token appearance as they enjoy their long-awaited honeymoon, Adalind nowhere to be seen, and Juliette and Renard surreptitiously dealing with her new ‘situation.’  It is this new situation that likely has the most long-reaching impacts.  After all, if Juliette remains a Hexenbiest, that puts her on a more even playing field with Adalind, who has definite hatred for Nick, even as he assisted in saving her baby.  I’m not sure Adalind is all that pleased with Renard either; father of her baby notwithstanding, it was he who ensured that Diana was whisked away from Adalind.  Come to think of it, I’m not sure there is anyone Adalind has a liking for, not Viktor, who lied to her; nor Kelly, who stole from her.  Yes, pretty sure Juliette’s being a Hexenbiest will actually be a benefit, not a negative – that is if she can control it and not blow the back off someone’s head she actually likes.  But I bet she’ll learn to cook a pot roast really quickly, and that could come in handy.

I like how Grimm is opening multiple stories at the beginning of the season and then closing them down before they carry on too long, Nick’s loss of powers, Trubel’s appearance, even the Wesenrein.  It seems that as it closes down one thread, another one boils over and comes to a head, which then, upon its being finished makes way for a new storyline.  It helps that it balances being serialized with being a procedural, which allows for some moments of breath and even a taste of normalcy before the next crisis begins.  Hey, that’s kind of how life is.

Death Do Us Part wasn’t the best that Grimm has to offer, but then again, when it removes Rosalee and Monroe for nothing more than a cameo from a tropical paradise (and at this time of year too where in the northeast it is hovering at 10 degrees Farenheit for the high, with nightly temps at or below zero, and don’t even factor in the wind chills because then it’s just truly depressing) it tends to lose some of its pizazz, but it did allow Wu to shine in his new-found knowledge and allow Hank and Nick and Wu to adjust to being a team, and it gave us some tasty new morsels to chew over as we wonder just what is up with Renard’s situation, and enjoy (at least I did) Juliette’s exploration of her new normal. 


I’m not sure if I want her to stay a Hexenbiest, but I’m going to enjoy watching her figure her way through this.  If nothing else, it puts her and Nick on much more even footing as both characters had powers and the supernatural thrust upon them and now have to learn to deal with it.   However, Juliette, a piece of advice:  Tell Nick. Learn that lying (and withholding information of this import from the man you love is lying) never succeeds.  It led to much disaster between you and Nick (the whole season 2 amnesia dreck), and you’re going to tell him sooner or later anyway.  Get it over with and tell him!

Final Notes:

TNT just showed the episodes from Season 1 where Wu inadvertently got tangled in one of Adalind’s spells.  Perfect and unintentional timing in programming it may be, but it was a fun coincidence.

Also, starting in mid-March, Grimm moves to 8 p.m. on Fridays, so don’t forget to change your viewing habits.

Until next time, thanks for reading, Elle2

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