Boy, it’s never a dull moment with this bunch, huh?

I had to watch this episode a few times. It’s not because I thought “Dance Back From The Grave” was the greatest thing on my TV since sliced bread (although I did really like it), it was just this whole ancestral magic thing was twisted many ways this week and became damned confusing. It took a few times for me to get it right. What I did get is the Harvest succeeded, but thanks to Sabine/Celeste the magic was hijacked and four other witches were raised instead of the innocent teen witch girls who right now better be in some kind of cold storage. One of those witches is this wicked bad papa something. A guy in a sweet white suit who has a history with Klaus. Gee, who doesn’t?


It took a second viewing for me to catch that it was Marcel who brought Papa Tunde to New Orleans back in 1919, when he returned from Europe and World War I. Might I add how great he looked in that uniform? Marcel was hoping Klaus would run for the hills and then Rebekah would fall into his arms so they can live happily ever after, but she was too pissed that he let her rot in the coffin for 52 years. Marcel saw back then what Celeste realizes too, this Papa dude had some serious f’ed up mojo that could find a way to kill an original vampire. This guy is pretty damned dark because he draws power through human sacrifices and his own creepy looking twin sons, not to mention that snake population is in dire straits when he’s around. (That was one sweet boa constrictor though). He declares himself leader of the witches the second he arrives and no one was going to tell this guy no. Maybe because the mayor did and had his head delivered sans body to Klaus. Gee, sounds like the witch equivalent of Klaus, no?

Marcel, who didn’t get to screw a hot blonde vampire in a town a few states over, is rather glum. He’s still smarting about Davina, so he takes the Damon Salvatore approach to dealing with pain and gets drunk, alone in the tavern with Cami. They bond, he shares his ancient history story and what happened to Papa the first time. Klaus dealt with the situation the way he always does, by hurting someone close to his enemies. He cut off the heads of the twin boys to end Papa’s magic and delivered them to him before gouging his eyes out. Oh Klaus, always the accommodating host.


Since Sabine/Celeste has been getting to know the ancestors in the cemetary and their stories, guess who thought this piece of history proved relevant in her plan to go after Klaus? That’s why Papa was one of the four brought back. So what does Papa do first? Desiccate Rebekah and steal her power, and then go after Marcel, aka Klaus’ son. Revenge I guess for the beheading of his boys thing. Before he can finish Marcel off Klaus steps in and almost bites it himself since Papa has Rebekah’s power.

This is why there are three originals, because it makes it so much easier to cover for one another. Elijah, who is very happy supporting Klaus in his new role of King of New Orleans because it’s making Klaus happy, has figured out rather quickly that Rebekah has been scheming against Klaus. He gives her a very stern warning that her plan was not a good idea. Klaus is a bit oblivious because of his jovial mood these days. His steamy encounter with Caroline in the woods during his impromptu trip to Mystic Falls (for Katherine’s death in the Vampire Diaries 100th episode) has grown his evil heart 2,000 times bigger. As a show of appreciation to Marcel, he freed Thierry. Except we learn something in this episode that we probably always knew, Thierry is a selfish ass.

It was Thierry led Rebekah to the warehouse where she was captured by Papa Tunde, and then said nothing about it until Elijah threatened him with a brutal death. That helped Elijah and Hayley find Rebekah, but the circle was bound to keep everyone out. Elijah though knows his witchcraft. It makes sense, he’s half witch. So are his siblings, but it seems he’s the only one that has been paying attention and retaining all this knowledge. That makes Hayley’s baby one quarter witch. I guess that adds up. So is Klaus one quarter vampire, one quarter werewolf, half witch? No matter, there’s witch blood in that baby. So Hayley’s blood will work. Why won’t Elijah’s blood work? He has witch ancestry. Is it because he’s an original too? The baby is part original vampire, no?  After a few rewinds I stopped straining myself and realized it was all a twist to get Elijah to bite Hayley. It’s supposed to be hot I guess and intensify the “will they or won’t they.”  Luckily he didn’t have to take the blood from her womb like Tyler did. Elijah dug into Hayley’s wrist, sprinkled the blood, and freed Rebekah just in time to save Klaus, who was about to become Papa Tunde dust.

Papa escaped, but Marcel unfortunately was still very grey with visible black veins on the tavern floor. Cami offered her neck, which was so against Klaus’ wishes. He would have rather had a stranger offer up blood. Just like with Hayley and Elijah, biting someone you care about must strengthen the bond or something. Aww, that was a sweet moment as Marcel was draining her of all that blood. They are kind of cute together don’t you think? Come on Klaus, enough of the jealousy, you’ll always have Caroline.

There’s one more thing worthy of mention about Marcel in the flashbacks. Rebekah, realizing Marcel’s plan with Papa Tunde failed, gave him another idea on how to expel Klaus. All he had to do was tip off Michael. So it was Marcel who drove Klaus from town, and unfortunately Rebekah, Elijah, and the coffin brothers Kol and Finn. Oh Rebekah, a lot of your misery is self-inflicted, don’t you think? You better listen to Elijah this time and not try to hurt your family. He’s got a point and history on his side.


After all this Klaus’ good mood is short lived and he gives a verbal smackdown to his vampires (the ones still alive anyway), demanding they give him loyalty or leave. Thierry, because he’s an ungrateful, selfish ass, denounces Klaus in public and leaves with a bunch of followers. A good amount stay though, and this means the war with the witches is in full force. Of course we’ll mark a point for advantage witches right now, because Papa found an overflowing well of sitting duck vampires to sacrifice to take their power. Yep, the garden. He killed all the vampires (Thierry should be very grateful he was sprung from that place), took all that power, put it into a bone and…allowed Sabine/Celeste to slit his throat with it? Now Sabine/Celeste has all that power and she has three more witches yet to tap from.

Here’s a question. I know Sabine/Celeste wants to get back at Klaus, but if she succeeds, what will she do of Elijah? Will she try to be his love once more, or will she look at him with a “been there/done that” and try to end him and Rebekah too? I didn’t get the impression that she was anti-vampire as much as anti-Klaus. Ah well, who knows what goes through the mind of a dark witch.

I did like that Sophie was around to chat with Marcel and Elijah and they all figure out together that there’s still hope to save Davina and the other girls. They just have to stop the vampire killing first. Oops, guess they should have checked the garden before they figured that huh, not after? Come on Elijah, you’ve got the grimoire of the most powerful witch ever. It’s about time you and Sophie hit the books and figure out what the hell is going on. Oh, but can you see them inviting Sabine? I wonder how long it’ll take them to figure that out. Things are going to get much worse before they get better.

Coming up next, just a whole bunch more on all fronts. Sounds like the werewolves will be throwing a monkey wrench into this witch story and Klaus will continue to be Klaus. Better bring that scorecard, you’re going to need it to keep track of it all.


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