After an amazing episode, we now have to wait until February 26 for new Revolution!  All the hype about Sochi had me all excited for it, but now I’m cursing it hard core.  “Happy Endings” probably referred to the resolution of the totally bad situations that Gene and Connor were in at the end of “Captain Trips”…although it also could be alluding to the whole “getting some” aspect for both Matheson women…Anyway, the episode itself ended cliffy with Bass and Connor getting captured with the diamonds they were attempting to steal to pay for mercenaries.  And now bring on the waiting…

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The script was written by Trey Callaway and David Rambo, so there was excellent Monroe and some great Connor snark thrown in.  I also found Charlie’s “player” ‘tude with Connor great.  From the scene at the tree before they left Miles, Rachel and Gene, I knew she was playing him.  Her whole calling him brave had me wondering what her game was…Some see this as an indicator that the fledgling fandom “ship” known as “Charloe” sank faster than the Titanic, but I’m not quite ready to agree with that one…

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Everyone has gotten out alive and has gotten back to their location in hiding.  Bass convinces Miles that they need more men—and Bass knew where to go for them.  This requires a trip to New Vegas, but Miles doesn’t want Bass to head out alone with Connor out of fear that they won’t come back.  He can’t go with them because he needs to watch the Patriots, and Rachel is taking care of Gene.  That leaves Charlie to go and keep an eye on the Monroes. Tom, and seemingly his wife, Julia, had each been tortured and according to the President, Julia sang like a canary.  But the President hasn’t killed them because he needs Tom to kill Monroe, who they now know is still alive.  If Tom doesn’t do what they want, they will kill Julia.  Tom is, however, able to get them to give him back Jason to hunt dow and execute Monroe with them…Aaron and Priscilla reach Lubbock, Texas and find the third of their group, Peter, whose “nanite control” has manifested in the form of miracle healing…and the creation of a faith ministry…

There was just so much happening in this episode!  I enjoyed it immensely and I lost track of how many times I have watched it this weekend.  Probably not the most beneficial use of my time considering that Hell Week for my play starts today and the class I’m taking at my Alma Mater started last week…but, well, there it is.  Me watching the episode so many times also means I have a lot to say about it, so following are some of my insights…

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Ah, the young Pyrrhus! And by Pyrrhus, I am of course referring to the son of Achilles who murdered Priam, showing no mercy, and turning out to be even more ruthless than his father… Now my bringing up Pyrrhus began as a snark that I started watching Supernatural, actually.  What I am referring to is the casting of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as John Winchester.  JDM is only 12 years older than Jensen Ackles (Dean Winchester, John’s eldest son).  John was a reasonable age difference, but the casting made me laugh a little and remark that JDM was like Achilles, who according to Greek mythology, fathered his son when he was about ten. It’s a little off, but still, JDM is very young to have a son Jensen’s age…so the imagery continued for me with Revolution, when David Lyons was cast to play a character Billy Burke’s age…Billy is about 9 1/2 years older than David is…and although I’m not sure exactly how old Mat Vairo is, I really don’t think he is younger than the character he is portraying. We know Connor is 25.  So, David, at 37 becomes a dad of a 25 year old, hence David is Achilles! 

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But all snark aside, Connor kicked ass in the office holding off the guards while having his gun on Truman.  When he handcuffed Truman to the heater though, he left him there without the vaccine.  He took it all and he didn’t think twice about it. That was a little hard core…especially since he didn’t know this guy from Adam and knows little about what was going on at the time.  This leads me into thinking (maybe a bit too much) about the Monroe character we were given the second half of Season One, and how Bass would have acted.  Maybe differently then than now, maybe not.  At the very least it is interesting to note that when Charlie asked Connor if he was like “him” (his father), Connor said no, when it seems pretty clear in my eyes that he is as ruthless as his father, and quite possibly has the potential to be even more despotic.  The throw in line by Bass indicating that he didn’t know whether to “kill them or write them a fan letter” re: the Patriots’ use of Typhus to cull the population, further shows Bass’s very Machiavellian approach to conquest…as does his idea to get homicidal mercenaries to help them.  With two men willing to stop at nothing to reach their goals, I think that Bass and Connor could actually take back the Republic…but more importantly, has Bass learned from his mistakes and will he be able to pull himself away, seeing that this isn’t the answer…

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We are left with Connor and Bass captured and the promo tells us that Bass is going to teach Connor how to kill him, which sounds like an ultimate high stakes fight to the death is planned.  I’m excited about this, but also breathing a bit of a sigh at the same time.  I’m a little done with Monroe on the chopping block.  In truth, I wish they had held off the knowledge of his glorious resurrection a little bit longer.  Everyone wants Monroe dead, and how can he accomplish anything with everyone after him?  I love Connor and his snark, but I’m not going to lie.  If I have to choose only one Monroe to survive in the Revoverse, I want it to be Sebastian.

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As for Connor and Charlie sleeping together after knowing each other probably a little over a week, it strengthens my thoughts that Charlie has really no feelings for Connor whatsoever.  He was cute and easy and she can manipulate him.  She doesn’t have to worry about becoming emotionally invested and she probably feels this is a good thing because they’re all going to die so why bother putting yourself into a situation where you will actually care when they do actually die?  I also thought it was interesting (although predictable considering that Bass has always had a propensity for younger women) that neither Jimmy’s boss, nor Duncan actually seemed to think that Charlie was with anyone BUT Monroe.  She also seemed protective of him.  Now sure, I think some of that is the idea that if anyone is going to kill Monroe, Charlie wants it to be her…but I do think that perhaps in spite of herself, she does have feelings for him. Maybe she wonders if she wouldn’t have done the same things he had in the situation he was in.  I also hold to my feeling that while last season Charlie seemed to try too hard to be like Miles, this season I feel like she has taken on a lot of Bass’s mannerisms.  In my opinion, she wears Bass’s mannerisms better than she wore Miles’s.  Will it ever move into anything else?  Who knows?  I do think Hollywood is MUCH more likely to use the older man/younger woman idea than a possible reverse of that, so I don’t think it is entirely out of the realm of possibility.  I also think that since Connor clearly thinks more of Charlie than she thinks of him, that Connor, regardless of whether or not Bass and Charlie do actually DO anything, will potentially be jealous of any attention Charlie may give Bass in the future.  This could throw some kind of crimp into the relationship Bass has with his son and may force Bass to look at this “plan” he has with Connor more carefully.  Is his son really the right person to lead?

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Julia and Tom were allegedly tortured and we do see the picture of Julia beaten up…Was she actually beaten up, or is she manipulating on a different level?  Is she actually working with her husband?  Last episode we were given back story to help show us that Julia is willing to do anything to keep Jason safe.  Did the President fold to Tom’s request for Jason because Tom demanded it, or did he already plan on sending Jason because of some deal with Julia?  Tom only knows what the President told him about Julia because he hasn’t seen her since they were both arrested.  I don’t trust these Patriots as far as I can thrown them…but you know, I don’t trust Julia either.

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And what about Jason lying at the end for his father?  Will he be able to keep that up?  Once Charlie is back, and we have that potential triangle with Connor (Bass, who knows…), will Jason not be able to keep it together?  And Tom is pretty slick, I would hope he realizes at least that he cannot trust the Patriots.  How does he know that once he does the job that they won’t kill himself, Julia and Jason anyway?  He doesn’t.  And what’s more?  He should expect that they will kill him as soon as the job is done.  They will no longer need him, and he knows the truth about the bombing of Philadelphia and Atlanta.  That makes him a very dangerous person to have wandering free.  

What is Tom’s game?  He has revealed himself to Miles.  How will this play out?

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Speaking of wandering free, this nanite story is getting as crazy as the pendant storyline!  It would seem that not only are our nanites sentient, but they also have come to really love this idea of being worshipped.  They essentially force Aaron and Priscilla on a pilgrimage to Lubbock, Texas where they find out that the third of their trio (maybe the nanites are hoping a triumvirate of sorts?)  has set up a faith ministry.  By praying to the higher power, the nanites will cure people.  We see a woman badly burned from the Atlanta blast miraculously healed to the wonderment of all present.  What is more, Peter doesn’t want the followers of his ministry to know about the nanites—it might ruin their faith.  Isn’t this a powerful statement on religion.  We can see the idea of technology being the new religion…we can see how these nanites are essentially trying to tell their “prophets” how to utilize the power.  Peter has fit into their mold and the nanites apparently want Aaron and Priscilla to follow suit.

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Now I think that healing people injured is a far more productive way of utilizing the nanites than Aaron’s spontaneous combustion of people who anger or threaten him…But it is also a statement on Aaron himself.  At the end of last season, I felt that it seemed sometimes like Aaron was the only one worth saving, but this season he has digressed.  Maybe it is all that idea that power corrupts.  When he didn’t have power, he was a good person, but now, the little bit of power he has been given has corrupted him.  But it is more than that, he is condescending to his friends as well, and he seems to have an issue with all this self importance he thinks he has attained…

This kind of puts Sebastian Monroe into perspective, doesn’t it?  This season, he has often (to me anyway) seemed like the most real, most human character.  Power has been taken away.  Meanwhile, the person who last season seemed the most real, most human, now seems to be showing the makings of corruption…or at least his decisions on what to do with the power no longer seem altruistic….I agree that people have the right to be told about the nanites to have things explained to them, but that doesn’t mean they will stop worshipping them.  It doesn’t mean that they will stop having faith in this higher power that wants to help them.  In my opinion, none of the three of them are right.

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Other things that were really fun in the episode:

Bret Michaels playing the song you knew he would—Every Rose Has Its Thorn.  I love that Bret survived, but I do wonder how an insulin dependent diabetic has thrived in this post apocalyptic world without insulin or refrigeration for insulin if he could find some…Although he did survive the late 80’s early 90’s glam rock party era. Anything’s possible!

“Walk this way and see the mummified remains of Steven Tyler.”  Do I really need to say anything else.

Miles and Rachel go on a date to see Evil Dead 2.  I kinda wish she had said Army of Darkness, but Ash was still involved, so it’s all good.

The whole heist scene was great.  I loved seeing how it happened.  Too bad it didn’t wind up working! Bass’s take out skills reminded me of the game Street Fighter.  Awesome.

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