Well, now we know who Maria Martinez is from last week’s dire predictions – good to know that Team Machine headed off that fatality prediction at least, as for the others…

First off, Root and Greer: 

I like that Greer thinks so many steps ahead because the team needs a formidable enemy – he delivers.  Thankfully, our Team is pretty deep, as well as smart, so Root (yes, at this point she’s on ‘our team’) employs yet another secret weapon:  Bear!  High tech, meet Bear; snacks, first editions, and bearer bonds are no match, neither is Greer – as long as everyone keeps it civil.  After this week’s Good Wife shocker, I have death on the brain, so I was worried about Bear’s survival once Root and Greer met face to face.  Fortunately, Greer has a soft spot for dogs (or more than likely Nolan and Plageman know that the fandom would not tolerate the loss of Bear in such a manner), thus Bear will be around to sniff out more treats.

Lest we think that Root and Greer were doing one thing while everyone else was doing something else, PoI pulled off another one of their dovetail creations by having the overall mytharc blend in with the case of the week.  And, as usual, it worked.  Greer now has power and chips and the software…game on!


Speaking of the computer chip, every now and again I read comments on various forums where people say things like, “I wish the Team would fail now and again.”  Um, they do, in pretty big ways if you think about it.  Sure, they save a lot of their individual numbers, however, Elias is free and roaming the streets of NYC building his empire because the team ‘failed’ in a sense.  Also, last season Kara achieved her goals in uploading a virus that went after the Machine, ultimately causing it to split into yet another incarnation, one that now has Root as its avatar.  This season the team failed to protect the chip, which is now being mass produced so as to run Samaritan.  All of these don’t take into account the doctor from last season who was poisoned as well as Carter (*sniff*), and others.  In fact, each season there has been some larger enemy that has managed to best them each time:  Root in Season 1 which led into Season 2; Kara in Season 2 which led into Season 3; and now Samaritan is coming online which leads into – who knows.  But with Season 4 a go, it’s going to be good.

However, with five episodes left after this one, I’ll focus here.  I loved Allegiance.  There were so many little moments between our regular team that had me smiling.  Fusco and Shaw’s constant dance is reminiscent of Reese’s and Carter’s from the second half of season one.  In the end, Fusco is the one who gets under her tough exterior and manages to lighten her up a bit.  As for Reese, well he is a bit unhinged without Carter to balance him out.  His ‘exit’ through the window on top of the bad guy may be something he learned in Special Forces, but it is definitely extreme.  In his usual nonchalance, he shrugs it off as if to say, what, it’s no big deal, but Fusco is right:  Reese has issues.  Whether the writers are going for deeper psychological issues or just allowing Reese to be Reese, I have no idea.  It’s great viewing though!

Allegiance, as usual, has multiple meanings.  Here Root’s allegiance is questioned by Greer.  Also, Maria’s allegiance stayed true – and accurate as it happily turned out.  In the past we’ve seen other allegiances questioned:  Elias tempted Reese in Season 1, earlier this season Hersch questioned Shaw on hers with Finch and Reese as well as last week Vigilance tried to lure Shaw away.  This show is always seeding the ground for future storylines, so no doubt some of what we saw here – and in the past, will crop up again.


Notes of Interest:

In a show full of one-liners that are deftly written and deftly delivered, it is hard to pick favorites.  Suffice it to say, anything Fusco delivers always has me laughing, and Reese remains the master of dry wit and quiet energy.  You just have to watch and soak it all in.

Fusco and Reese as firemen; complete with throwing axes and honking ‘big ass’ truck horns:  Excellent.

Reese impersonating Indiana Jones proves why you don’t bring a knife to a gun fight.

Jeffrey Hunt delivers another beautiful episode shot in less than ideal circumstances.  I send a huge THANK YOU to him and the entire crew who work feverishly behind the scenes so that we can enjoy the product of their efforts.  It has been a cold, unforgiving winter here in New York State, and New York City has not escaped the elements either, in fact, this season, there have been times when they have been dealt a far worse hand.  Allegiance showed that with its many snow-filled scenes, and I laughed as Reese, driving the van, skidded in the snow trying to escape.  Yeah, that much snow and slush on the ground, you are going nowhere fast…trust me.

Only five episodes remaining this season (sob!)  We get one next week and then a three-week break until the final four.  All playtime aside, this is going to be one heck of a ride into the spring.

Until next week, thanks for reading, Elle2

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