Diggle got a plot, Diggle got a plot…

It had occurred to me that many fans would be rather disjointed with “Suicide Squad” considering Oliver and Sara were relegated to back plot this week, but I didn’t care. I was having too much fun enjoying this side adventure, the official kick off of the ragtag band of killer misfits under the eerie control of the Ice Queen  Amanda Waller. I felt like I was watching an “Arrow” spin off and considering what we got, I’m all ready to put this show in a prominent place on my DVR (please make it happen CW!).


“Suicide Squad” was an exciting and welcome break from the heavy drama that has been plaguing our verdant archer lately. Oliver’s new obsession with finding Slade Wilson wasn’t forgotten, but it was nice to see it in the background. It gives us a little room to breathe and enjoy some kick ass action. Diggle makes quite the dashing leading man don’t you think? His talents have been sorely wasted with the super busy and overcrowded plotting in Arrow and it’s quite clever to show the other side of his life, the one that kicks in when his ex-wife Lyla shows up. She’s thick in this new squad, put together to handle dangerous rescue missions, and a little help from her ex-husband combat soldier and vilgante sidekick doesn’t hurt.

Diggle even got the flashback this week! We saw his days as a foot soldier, encountering a dangerous and very wanted terrorist, Gholem Qadir, while leading a pilgrimage of locals through the mountains. He saves this terrorist’s life from attack and then hands him over to authorities, with a debt of gratitude from Qadir. Well, guess who becomes the focus of the first mission of the Suicide Squad? 


The familiar players are there. The Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, and…Shrapnel? I love seeing Sean Maher again but really? Luckily my doubts were quickly answered when he tried to bail on the mission early on and Waller activated the kill switch that was implanted in his neck. That’ll teach him! Consider that happened after a really awesome setup scene involving Diggle and Qadir at a party, with The Bronze Tiger and Deadshot coolly playing their parts, I was left asking, “Shrapnel who?”

The demise of Shrapnel though echoes what happens to these dangerous killers when they are brought into these missions; they’re expendable. Even Deadshot’s quip, “We’re the suicide squad,” wasn’t just a fancy tagline (even if it was brilliantly delivered). It was for real. But something happened along the way to the grizzly death, Diggle actually bonded with his brother’s killer Deadshot. Turns out that he is a real human being with a daughter, and he’s doing this to make sure she’s set for life. He knows that she can’t ever know him, but he cares enough to make sure she’s taken care of financially. When Deadshot faithfully executes the plan by eventually becoming a human target for a missile, and even shows morals doing it, suddenly the actions of the Suicide Squad are what seem wrong to Diggle. That naturally creates some kiss and makeup tension with Lyla, who doesn’t see a problem with setting up these guys with assured death.  

The nerve toxin is found, in huge tanks inside Qadir’s fancy home in the fictional land of Markovia (hint, it looks a lot like Canada). They learn a drone is coming to destroy it, with them and all of the party guests still inside. So Diggle decides he can save everyone by just telling the truth. He exposes his party host as the terrorist he is and pretty much inspires the whole crowd to run for their lives. Huh, pretty clever don’t you think? The truth does work at times.  Except Deadshot ain’t leaving. He’s supposed to stay behind, that’s the arrangement. Diggle and Lyla refuse and try to flee with Deadshot, but the drone follows him instead of taking out the toxin. Bastards. Lyla digs the chip out of his neck just in time and the drone explodes in the middle of the road. Hmm, this smells like an International incident.

Oh yes, it is.  Waller is furious and kicks Diggle out, but he gets to escort Deadshot back to his cell where they are now buds. Make frenemies, not enemies I always say. But hey, Diggle has reconciled with his ex-wife! That’s something. He got a friend and his woman back, and we find out he and Lyla first met on that flashback mission.  Lyla was comforting him for shooting an attacking gunman, who tragically ended up being a young boy. Geez, as if Diggle doesn’t have enough demons!  


So, while all this awesomeness is happening, Oliver gets moody, pisses off his Russian mobster allies and kind of becomes uncorked trying to find Slade. While all this happens Sara looks at him worried and I think I remember her having a conversation with Laurel (that all remains a fog). In the end Ollie ends up at the very same place as Diggle, A.R.G.U.S. headquarters. He asks Amanda Waller if she can find his arch nemesis.   Yeah, she has a clue. You see, this evil villain has been dropping bodies half way around the world and just happens to be in Starling City now. She has a picture. Can you say, “Deathstroke?” Ooh, Ollie and team have their work cut out for them.

So, what did we learn from “Suicide Squad?” I like this bunch way better than the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D that’s for sure. I hate the idea though that these guys will only crop up once a year whenever Stephen Amell needs a little break from shooting. What does TPTB plan do to with this introduction? Will they possibly become allies in Oliver’s future missions? Is this truly a test for a spinoff series or a new web series? Will they show up in other DC shows? (Yes, The Flash is happening so there’s a possibility). All I know is that tying John Diggle to the Suicide Squad has been nothing short of brilliant, and you have to admit any plot that gives him a chance to step away from being wallpaper in the Arrow cave is a great thing.

So, what do you think of all these DC tie-ins with Arrow?  Do you think it’s adding value to the show, or do you think it’s making it too busy?  Considering we have The Huntress coming up next, DC is certainly liking this opportunity.  I have to admit, for the most part, I am too.   

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