Holy crap Bellamy! NOOO!!!

Okay, I should be worrying about Lincoln too, but more of that later in the review.  I saw the preview though for this week’s episode and I can honestly say I’m very, very worried for poor Bellamy.  Things look like things are going from bad to worse for him.  But I’m here to talk about “Survival of the Fittest.”  I just don’t know what to say. Every week is something so different yet so enthralling, and I have to say in terms of pure character dynamics, “Survival of the Fittest” is a huge winner.  It wasn’t easy to get through though. Once again, the story was pushed into some very uncomfortable territory, but I couldn’t look away.  

While it was designed to expose some more about Grounder mythology and let us get to know Lexa better, the least impressive part of the episode for me was Clarke and Lexa trapped in the cage at that zoo with one hopped up gorilla. That premise has been done too many times in the realm of fiction. I half expected Lexa to break into “Darmok and Jalad at Tanagra…” (that’s for all you Star Trek: TNG junkies). In some ways I was rooting for that hyped up Gorilla, but I guess the lesson learned is these two leaders are earning a better appreciation of one another and their ways. That and the Grounders believe that their leaders are reincarnated, which is why such a young girl leads the pack.  She was chosen.  Which tells me that she’s going to get killed very soon so we get to see who gets chosen next and how.  

On a sad note, I’m sorry to see the female militant guard with the razor blade charm that’s been protecting Abby and now Clarke meet her end. She kind of grew on me a little, but she was still too annoying for her own good.   She certainly didn’t deserve to have her arm ripped off. She deserved a bullet in the brain, the way real expendable guards should die.


Two of the stories just blew me away.  First there was Jaha and his choice to bond with the surly John Murphy.   I’m really surprised by Jaha’s big choice now that he’s found freedom (I knew Abby would come around).  I never would have pegged him as a guy to abandon his people, find some followers and go on his enlightened quest for the City of Light. I really like that he sought out Murphy, asking him to take him to the drop ship where the graves of the season one dead were. I’m sure part of it is making amends for floating his dad, but there seems to be something more. Perhaps Jaha sees all that pain in Murphy and thinks he deserves another chance. His gift is reading people afterall. Most of all, I was very touched by his tender goodbye to Wells. Bravo for this show remembering that pain in his life and taking the perfect opportunity to remind us of that loss.  It makes the situation more real, it makes Jaha more real.  I even welled up by his speech to Murphy that their deaths were not in vain. If they hadn’t made the trip to Earth they wouldn’t have known the Earth was inhabitable and they would all be dead. Yes, good things come out of even the worst tragedies. He certainly had me ready to grab my backpack and go on his quest.

The other story was back at the camp, aka surly Indra (man there’s a lot of dour people on this new earth) and her warriors reluctantly showing their new allies how they train.  Yep, it’s as brutal as we’d imagined.  Kane got to play coridal host and he was every bit of that as he kept getting snarled at.  I’m assuming Abby has handed power back over to Kane, because I don’t even recall seeing Abby this week.  Kane was fascinated with learning the Grounders’ ways, but what got his attention was Octavia’s complete understanding of them.  So we get a true season two gem and a first, Kane and Octavia interacting.  It’s awesome.  

As for Octavia, what is this chick getting into? First, kudos to the makeup department for making her look like a total black and blue disaster after her ass kicking by the Grounder warrior. I adore that she knew that it winning that fight wasn’t about defeating the opponent. It was about never giving up. She out of all the Sky People understands the Grounder mentality the most, but no wonder given her relationship with Lincoln. The girl has spunk that’s for sure, and she’s the only one that’s earned the respect of Indra. Given her hatred for the Sky People, that speaks volumes about Octavia.  

Now some possibilities have opened up for Indra, who hasn’t been a well defined character so far.   I’m stunned she asked Octavia to be her second, and I’m also thrilled with this turn of events.  Indra doesn’t seem like someone who would make such a rash decision, and she must know the backlash she’d get for that. Of course Octavia had to accept, but that led to an pretty awesome scene.  Kane suggested that Octavia use her new position to spy on the Grounders, to protect her people, and it turns out that was Octavia’s motivation all along. Good girl. Your awesomeness just multiplied by ten. Of course I don’t know how this will affect her relationship with Lincoln, especially since he’s on Indra’s s*** list right now, but I guess they’ll cross that bridge when they come to it.


But yeah, let’s get to the part that’s freaking me out.  WHAT HAVE YOU GOTTEN YOURSELF INTO BELLAMY?? Oh man, would he have done this if Clarke hadn’t given him the go ahead? That entire ending sequence of Lincoln and Bellamy in the caves, Lincoln pretending to be a Reaper and Bellamy a helpless captive chosen to go to Harvest (aka the big ole blood drain), left me a wreck.  Poor Lincoln, he had to take another reaper injection or the gig is up, so does that make him a reaper again?  Please, I hope not!  I hope he found a way to overcome the drug.  What’s worse is Bellamy couldn’t do a thing to help him.  I also think Bellamy was thrown back a little by the horror of the whole process.  He looked gobsmacked! That poor kid, he wants to do the right thing, but he looked pretty terrified and I was scared with him.  Bellamy cannot die.  It’s bad enough we lost Finn.  Bellamy is supposed to lead with Clarke!  

There’s only six episodes left this season, and things are getting very dicey at Mt. Weather.  The question is, will that take up the rest of the season, or while Jaha’s prophecy of things going south with the Grounders once the attack on Mt. Weather play out this season?  I’ll deal with that after I find out Bellamy makes it out alive.  He will, right?  I said…RIGHT???  Ugh, this show is killing me. 

Here’s the preview for Wednesday’s “Coup de Grace.”  I’m not freaking out, I’m not freaking out…(save him Jasper!)

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