Arrow is keeping all the superhero costume designers busy this season!  First it was Roy Harper’s new red suit, then Laurel as the Black Canary, and now we get the “we can build it” Atom suit!  Yes, Ray Palmer is suiting up soon, and he’s not just doing it in Starling City either.  

If anyone noticed in the “Arrow vs Flash” crossover, Palmer Technologies could be seen in Central City as well.  There’s a reason for that.  Variety reports that Ray Palmer (Brandon Routh) makes his debut as The Atom in Episode 15 of Arrow, and then makes a little trip with Felicity to Central City for an appearance on The Flash in that show’s episode 18.  It seems that just because he’s got a great suit, the being a hero part isn’t going to come so easily.  Ha, he obviously never watched Arrow season one.  The whole hero thing takes time. 

Below is a sneak peek of the suit.  What do you think?  Curious what sort of high tech display we’ll get from it?  

the atom 

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