I suppose this news is not surprising given the abysmal ratings, but I really thought that The CW would have aired all the episodes.  Cult has been cancelled and pulled from it’s less that stellar Friday at 9pm slot.  The CW decided the slot would be better served by repeats of The Carrie Diaries and their Wipeout themed game show Oh Sit!

Seven episodes had aired, and it was pulling 90210 numbers and worse.  There are six episodes remaining, five of which were buzzed to be the best ones.  Will they ever see the light of day?  

So far there’s no plans to air them, but there is speculation that they will end up online.  Either that, or perhaps we can convince series star Matt Davis to act out the remaining episodes for us with sock puppets.  

Let the campaigns to bring Alaric back to The Vampire Diaires begin!  

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