Mark Pellegrino is one insanely busy actor these days.  At a couple of events this weekend, it was revealed that he’s going to appear soon on two popular primetime shows.  

At Armageddon in Melbourne this weekend, Mark told our very own sweetondean that when he goes back to the United States, he’s headed to North Carolina to film Revolution, where he’s confirmed for at least two episodes. He also hopes to do more.  They are currently working on the direction of the show and how his character will fit into the story.  

Also, at New York Comic Con this weekend, Person of Interest Executive Producer Jonathan Nolan announced that Mark will guest on his show as well.  He will portray the edgy head of a publishing empire.  A POI perhaps?  Stay tuned!  

Aside from his numerous acting duties these days, Mark has been super busy on the fan convention circuit.  He was at Salute to Supernatural in Dallas a couple of weeks ago (as an emergency substitute of expectant father Misha Collins) and this past weekend he was a guest at Armageddon in Melbourne.  He had flown to Australia from New York, where he had just finished filming Person of Interest.  He’ll attend Armageddon in New Zealand next weekend, and then he’s off to North Carolina.  

Considering Revolution and Person of Interest are two shows we review here at TV For The Rest of Us, we couldn’t be more thrilled to see a favorite actor of ours in both of them.  Come back here after these episodes air to read what we thought of Mark’s performances (they’re always good) and the episodes in general.  

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