Fox released yesterday their exclusive posters to Entertainment Weekly for the upcoming San Diego Comic Con and Wow, these are all pretty damned good.  We at TV For The Rest of Us are especially excited about Sleepy Hollow and the new upcoming show Gotham, but I admit, the coolest one of the bunch is The Simpsons commemorating their 25th season (I’m so getting this on a t-shirt) and Family Guy’s made me laugh the hardest.  

Here’s all the shows!  

Sleepy Hollow (Oh yeah!  Can’t wait)

Sleepy-Hollow 612x920


Gotham 612x403

The Following

The-Following 612x920


bones 612x920

Family Guy

Family-Guy 612x407

Bob’s Burgers

bobs-burgers 407x612

And finally the totally epic, “will be studying for hours and smiling at the fond memories” The Simpson’s 25th Anniversary poster

the-simpsons 612x407

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