Grimm is getting, what I think, is a great start in its syndication run this coming Wednesday on TNT.  Supernatural will be doing an all-day marathon of Season 5 episodes leading into the 8:00 p.m. premiere of the first four episodes of Grimm.  If memory serves, TNT is going to be showing this in three-hour blocks every Wednesday, but apparently has decided to supersize its opening.  Also, according to FutonCritic, the original runs of episodes were run slightly out of order.  No big deal though, the major story arcs were in their infancy, and thus nothing appears out of kilter because of the scheduling shift. 

So, if you’ve never seen the beginning of Grimm, or if you’re like me and you’ve forgotten all the early days or at least they’re fading in your memory, buckle up, stay up, or program your DVR, and get ready to enjoy all the fun from the beginning. 

Nick and Co. aren’t Nick and Co. until well into the second season, but in Season 1 you can enjoy Nick and Monroe’s unusual friendship take place, they have beers together, there’s even a fun dinner when they try to bond besides just the work; meet Rosalee – she arrives after the halfway mark of the season, and was instantly a hit with me; watch as Renard dances around Nick, clearly knowing who and what he is but not revealing himself, that doesn’t happen until Season 2; and don’t expect Juliette to be in the know either – that doesn’t happen until the end of Season 2.  Hank and Wu are in the dark, but we do get to meet the likes of Bud in Danse Macabre, which is early in the season.  I’m so glad four seasons in Bud keeps showing up.  He’s as awkward then as he is now.  To me, that’s part of his charm.

One of my favorite scenes in the early part of this show is when Monroe gets the keys to Aunt Marie’s trailer, after Nick has been injured, and he explores the hidden treasures of the trailer in order to get a weapon that allows him to save Hank’s life – all without Hank knowing it, of course:  Game Ogre.  Monroe’s eyes practically pop out of his head as he explores.  Monroe is a fabulously rich character, endlessly curious, helpful, and loyal, and I am looking forward to ‘experiencing’ him again from the beginning.

Grimm in Season 1 was a delightful show, a tad weak in its execution each week, but still a lot of fun.  Most episodes seem very rushed at the end, as if someone realized that they had only a few spare minutes to tie everything up and whoosh, they did.  Still, it slowly built its world, Wesen by Wesen, story by story and the foundations were all laid of Royals and keys and Wesen tribunals and age-old rivalries.  We still don’t know the answers to everything; especially why Renard continues to protect and ally himself with Nick, but we see all the pieces begin here.  With Wu on the verge of being let in on the world of Grimms and Wesens, enjoy these early episodes when no one knows, and watch it all take shape from the beginning.

I’m looking forward to wrapping myself in a blanket (it’s cold and snowy here where I am right now), popping some corn, and enjoying a weekly marathon of Grimm.

I also plan on continuing my reviews of new episodes of Grimm upon its return next Friday – January 9th, 2015.

As always, thanks for reading, Elle2

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