Oh, I love this time of year.  Pilots are being filmed and starting to come back to the networks, and all the rumor mills about the bubble shows kick up in full gear!  Sounds like The CW and NBC are finally starting to make some behind the scenes movement. 

Deadline is reporting that the CW is starting to determine the fates of their remaining shows, and it’s looking favorable for their four bubble shows, Hart of Dixie, Beauty and The Beast, Nikita, and The Carrie Diaries.  But will they get full season orders? 

I heard some very positive behind the scenes talk about Beauty and The Beast at WonderCon.  The CW really loves the show, and CBS Television Studios really wants to keep this show going, causing parent CBS to extert some of their half ownership influence.  For one, it’s the only show of theirs left on The CW now that 90210 has been cancelled.  It also has a very loyal fan following, and that’s helping the online streaming numbers.  Out of the four shows awaiting renewal news at The CW, Beauty and The Beast has good odds for a season two. 

The best odds of renewal belongs to Hart of Dixie, which is a Warner Brothers produced show.  Actually, all of the currently three renewed series, Arrow, Supernatural, and The Vampire Diaries, are Warner Brothers shows.  Another Warner Brothers show, Nikita, will very likely be coming back for only a final half season.  The show is popular internationally and makes money for its parent studio, but it’s been barely scraping by on Friday nights at The CW for two seasons now.  A 13 episode season would put the final episode count a 81, which is enough for syndication. 

The Carrie Diaries might also be getting another half season order, and that’s due to it’s online popularity.  It does have potential to be a good midseason or fill in show.  There’s always the possibility it could get more episodes if the show comes back to stronger live viewing. 

There’s no word on when The CW will make an official announcement of renewals for any of their remaining shows.  It’s possible they’ll wait until upfronts week in May, like they have in the past. 

As for NBC, rumors are wild that early renewals can happen any moment now.  Tops on their list is The Voice (Duh!), Revolution (Yay!) and Grimm, with Chicago Fire and Parks and Recreation being certainties as well.  It sounds like Law and Order: SVU is going through the same painful negotiation process it goes through every year.  Whenever that happens, ratings has little to do with it.  Money ends up being the driving factor, so a surprise cancellation is possible if talks go wrong. 

We’ll start getting updates like this a lot, so I’ll be sure to post any renewal news as I hear it. 

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