I’m going to go ahead and say it–I am really enjoying Season Two.  The little things that bothered me in the first season, like how clean and shiny Charlie’s hair was, or how everyone looked like they smelled of shampoo and detergent, have been adjusted.  Charlie is still wearing the hair down, but I think it is only a matter of time before the hair goes up.  I think as far as the character of Charlie is concerned, this is the episode I have liked her best in so far.  

This particular episode dives into all the crazy things we will do for love…including being over protective, martyring oneself, finding ways to take over a government for vengeance, and kidnapping people to test their blood and then draining the O neg ones…
This week’s episode was written by David Rambo, so we can usually hope for some good Monroe scenes. We were not disappointed. I do have to say that I missed the crazy ballet dancer music box, but we did get to see the “Benders” cages!
The woman behind the red door is Titus’s wife, Jessica Andover.  It appears that Jessica suffered from diabetes. She finally went into end stage renal failure a couple years prior to us meeting her.  In order to keep her alive, Titus has been kidnapping people and testing their blood, looking for that eternal donor–O negative.  By keeping a fresh supply of this blood type, he has been able to keep his wife alive by trading out her toxic blood with clean blood from these “donors”.  In the Revo verse she can’t exactly go to a dialysis clinic or get on the organ donor list for a new kidney…although I am a little surprised he didn’t steal himself a surgeon and kidnap someone and take a kidney…Titus finds out Miles has the right kind of blood and hooks him up to transfuse it.  Miles is saved just in time by Rachel and Gene.  He tells them to take Jessica to ensure that Titus doesn’t just come in and bowl over Willoughby.
Neville and Jason begin their trek to trying to destroy this government that calls itself the United States.  Because of Neville “saving” Allenford, they have been given entry.  At first that entry seems to be “slinging hash”, but then they get “kidnapped” by soldiers for this group of “patriots” that are trying to make sure that Neville really is on their side.  He is finally able to prove his loyalty by telling them all he wants is vengeance on Monroe for dropping the bomb that killed his wife.  And we know this is more of Neville being a lying liar that lies…
Aaron, in a very Harry Potter way says he is not Harry Potter.  He actually reminded me of the way Harry Potter says to Hagrid that he is “just Harry” in the Sorcerer’s Stone.  It was interesting, but I do have a little problem with Aaron having this crazy high level of modesty.  He knows that he made the OS that was used in the Tower. If these nanites are bound to something, it would make sense it was him.  Maybe we will find out the link between the OS, Aaron and these nanites.  Maybe they kept him alive like a computer program replicating and reinserting itself when you try to delete it, or maybe it is some failsafe that they won’t allow their “creator” to die.  I’m just spinning ideas here.
As the title lets on, each story delves a bit into love and how it makes you do the wacky. Some people use relationships to gain trust, others show that they care even if it is one sided.  It was interesting how each group hit the theme…Maybe I felt a little hit over the head with it, but that does happen from time to time.  Each story brought me in and made me care about the characters, and since writers really don’t have a lot of time with which to write the scripts before they have to be ready to go, we can’t exactly expect the same caliber we should be expecting from a show that only has 10-13 episode seasons.
To briefly go through each, Rachel took on Titus and the gang to get Miles out, and then she wouldn’t leave his side at the end for the big fight.  Miles wanted her to go on the wagon and get out of town.  I was overjoyed when Rachel said “I don’t need a martyr, I need you”.  Besides the “shipping” component, there was also us not only getting our Rachel back, but she is also ready to stand up and fight to show how she feels about Miles.  I loved also when she said “why don’t we protect each other”. Miles was going on about how he couldn’t protect her with one hand because he couldn’t really fight that way.  Rachel as the strong independent woman was great.  Really the episode needed that too considering most other scenarios were weak woman/protective man.  That is the way it seemed anyway.  Aaron wanted to protect Cynthia.  He comes clean about the nanites and explaining to Cynthia about how they brought him back.  He later talks about needing to protect her.  
We have Neville ready to take out this whole new government, really going to any length to get into their good graces, because he was unable to protect Julia. In the end of the episode, he claims to be willing to do anything, including approve of some “special mission” they have for Jason without knowing what it is…I’m getting this feeling that we may see the Jason that saw the wrongness of his father’s behavior again.  How long can Jason tow this line merely because he is trying to be the dutiful son?  My guess is that any “betrayal” of his father will probably be Charlie based.  Maybe we will get ourselves a Jason/Charlie/Adam triangle?  Scratch that.  I would rather see a Jason/Charlie/Monroe triangle. Adam has already shown his own lying ways.  Adam plays the family bit with Charlie, trying to appeal to her sense of family by telling her that the US government was holding his father and they would release him for Monroe…
On a side note, did anyone else find the wording of that conversation interesting? Maybe even foreshadowing? When Adam said that Charlie killing Monroe would be the same as killing his father…Don’t you just wonder?  This guy is sly, good looking, intrigued with Charlie…Bass’s son would be about 27, but clearly casting isn’t being very careful with that…people may look older because of all that has happened to them, or they might be cast to play someone almost a decade older than he is…like David Lyons…but I digress.  Let’s just leave it that I found the conversation very interesting.
Also interesting to me was Charlie and Monroe.  She was so bent to kill him, but now she has the chance and she doesn’t do it.  In fact, she walks away from him.  I don’t think Bass is going to give up that easily.  With these wanted posters, Rachel is in a heap of trouble.  Bass knows this means Miles will try to protect her, which means Miles is going to have problems.  So here, we have Bass still being protective of who he considers his family, even though he has more or less been disowned.
I also noticed how Miles Matheson’s name does NOT appear to be among those wanted posters.  He was General of the Monroe Militia and worked for Foster for a while.  From what Allenford said before the US government was calling Monroe AND Foster “war lords”.  I’m confused as to why he is not on that list.  Maybe it has to do with the rebels?  They were most likely puppets of the Cuban regime. Maybe that is why.
I still want to know what they want with Rachel.  It most likely has to do with the power. Don’t you think?
The flag going up after the US soldiers come in and stop the battle had a bit of a Jericho feel to it.  That show also had a government come in claiming to be THE government…but not so much.  If you haven’t seen Jericho, you might want to pick it up.  It had one and a half seasons. I did enjoy it, although in season two it got a bit bizarre…
We are left with things looking pretty bleak.  It appears that the US’s puppet, Titus, was killed by that officer…But since it wasn’t a plastic bag but something that seemed more porous and therefore possible to breath through, it is entirely possible that he is not dead. It is interesting though, how they were allowing this “war party” to grow on the outskirts.  It would seem that the intent was probably always to take over the town, saving them from this malevolent force…Maybe they just weren’t ready to do that quite yet and that is why the warning was given to Titus.
Let me now what you thought of the episode, what things you think are working.  Maybe some things you don’t think are working.  I will try to write up my next review sooner after the episode and when I am not as tired…


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