I love this time of year.  This is when Adweek puts together all the ad rates charged at upfronts by the Five Broadcast networks by TV show and timeslot.  I always find this chart such an eye opener, and this year is no exception!  

Okay, maybe the most expensive shows aren’t a surprise.  Naturally, Sunday Night Football is king, but behind them the champion this year is The Big Bang Theory.  Considering it’s the number one rated show, it’s say that’s earned that premium, but $326,260 for a 30 second spot?  For a weekly sitcom?  Wow.  I remember when this champion used to be top reality shows like American Idol.  The Voice only comes in at $264,575.  

I remember on The CW for YEARS where Supernatural was easily the cheapest or second cheapest show on the network.  No more!  It’s now earning more than ever at $39,188 per spot, and that makes it fourth, behind The Vampire Diaries ($55,100), Arrow and Reign (???).  That’s a virtual windfall compared to the $19,333 The Carrie Diaries is charging, or the $19,776 Beauty and The Beast is getting. 

Below is the link to full chart for your amusement.  Here’s some of the other fun ones that I found:

–  Being number one on Friday is really paying off for Grimm, isn’t it?  The $82,185 is easily the most expensive price for a scripted show on a Friday night.  Heck, that outearns a good chunk of NBC’s other scripted shows.  

– 25 seasons later and The Simpsons is still earning $256,953 per ad?  That show is never, ever going to end.  

– How does Brooklyn Nine-Nine command less than Dads.  Really? 

– Notice how there are no ad rates for Saturday?  Does that mean everyone gets to advertise for free?  Sign me up! 

– I know Football is worth it’s weight in gold, but $570,000 per ad?  No wonder NBC is still in business.  


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