For anyone who saw The Originals tonight, there was a very interesting development in her showdown with Klaus.  After Elijah ran interference and then Klaus and Rebekah talked it out, Klaus granted Rebekah something she’s longed for 1000 years, her freedom.  She happily left town, saying goodbye to her brothers, Hayley, and her love Marcel.  It seemed like an odd ending for a regular character, and I certainly wondered what circumstance was going to happen to bring her back. 

Well, according to both Buzzfeed and E Online, Claire Holt WON’T be back!  As a series regular anyway.  She has exited the show!  Details are not clear about her decision to leave, and she or Julie Plec have not given a statement, but the door is always open for her to be back for guest appearances.  

What do you think Originals fans?  Are you going to miss her?  Do you think the show will suffer without Rebekah?  

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