Disturbing behavior.  I’ll say.  Just when you think you have these moody, unstable vampires and other beings figured out, they go and change things on you.  Just about every character got a little piece of the spotlight this week, making this episode very busy (short attention span theater as I like to call it), but also a little choppy as well.  I do like though how everyone got some progression to their stories, even if I needed a scorecard to track it all.  Even Alaric grew a pair! 
So where do I begin?  I’m just going person by person this time.  It’s easier that way.


The dude is seeing dead people in his bed now.  Dead person of the week is Anna, who is acting all sweet and adorable with Jeremy, which instantly makes me think she’s the evil one she warns of.  Life in the great beyond is pretty isolated for this “ex” vampire and she’s only getting noticed because Jeremy has been thinking of her.  The first question I wonder is why has Jeremy been thinking of her, especially when Bonnie was coming back to town?  Me thinks he’s struggling about telling her the truth.  
Anna keeps popping up at inappropriate times so Jeremy turns off his mind thinking about her and tells Bonnie.  We’re left with Anna fading away screaming to be heard.  I have no clue where this is going, but I like it.
Yay, she gets to be an existent entity in this episode!  Bonnie is worried about things going south for Elena and Caroline?  She soon finds that weird crap is happening in her own backyard.  First she casually tells Jeremy that the dead witches aren’t talking to her because she abused power by bringing him back to life, then doesn’t sweat the consequences when her books go up in flames for no reason.  Then she’s totally gobsmacked by Jeremy’s confession and doesn’t know what to do.  She doesn’t prove to be much help to Elena either, not figuring out what’s up with her possessed necklace and then inadvertently handing it over to Katherine.  It’s just not Bonnie’s year I guess.  She needs to stop pissing off powerful witches.  

The Sheriff and Mayor
This is just getting to be one f-ed up situation for the leaders of Mystic Falls.  The high and mighty of the council have a slight conflict of interest.  They can’t exactly tell the council that the town is crawling with supernatural beings, like their son and daughter, who are still carrying on with some really hot vampire/werewolf sex BTW.  So they go with the “everything is just peachy” sell.  They make things worse by being in cahoots with Damon, which is never a good idea.  The sheriff tries to get Damon to do his vampire mind trick on her ex-husband, but considering he gave Damon a speech about retraining the mind before doing that, we knew it wouldn’t stick.  It didn’t.  
This week, Damon gets to be the loose cannon.  We all were getting lulled into a false sense of security and had to be reminded what an evil ass he is.  It didn’t happen at first.  He’s all cutesy with Elena, even trying to take over her therapeutic project of making chili because he thinks the Gilbert family recipe sucks.  Alaric is certainly disturbed by the behavior.  So is Caroline.  That means that within the episode, Caroline warns Elena to be careful and Alaric warns Damon to back off.  Does it work?  Oh Heavens no.  
No, Damon sees that Elena is wearing Stefan’s necklace and doesn’t like how everyone is coming to him as a model of good behavior.  So he goes off the deep end, trying to kill Caroline’s vampire hating father and he does kill Alaric (love the line after he sees the ring, “Your temporary funeral.”)  Elena comes in and rips him a new one, but Damon doesn’t back off.  He’s not a good vampire.  “I am not Stefan.  How about you stop trying to turn me into him?”

She doesn’t do a whole lot, but Damon is getting under her skin.  Caroline calls her out on it and she just might have to face those feelings.  Damon is around a lot more and she likes his company.  Plus she believes he can be changed.  Damon of course goes out of his way to prove differently.  Anyone think she’ll dump both these brothers and go back to Matt?  No, I don’t think so either. 
He’s mad as Hell and can’t take it anymore!  Despite hanging out with him all summer, Alaric can’t trust Damon as far as he can spit.  He doesn’t think he’s a good companion for Elena and he takes getting killed by Damon again really personally.  He gets royally pissed at Damon (who doesn’t see what the big deal is, it was just him being him) and uses his clout at the Gilbert guardian for force his way onto the council.  When the mayor tries to tell him no, Alaric calls her out on the fact that the mayor’s son is a werewolf and the sheriff’s daughter is a vampire.  The supernatural beings are not playing by the rules and need to be.  The humans in this town need to be protected!  Sure, easy coming from dude with the can’t be killed by the supernatural ring.  

No, I joke.  I love seeing some fire in Alaric for once.  I’ve been re-watching season one with my daughter and he was pretty badass in that season.      
Caroline decided to be part of everyone’s business this week, and she rocked doing it.  She warns Elena that Damon is bad news (duh!), freaks out over her Dad being around and talking to the council, but when Elena calls her (while she’s about to bang a hot werewolf) that Damon is killing her Dad she comes to his rescue.  It’s awesome.   
In the absolutely most fun and awesome scene of not only this episode but the series, Caroline arrives and starts kicking Damon’s ass.  She tends to her wounded father, making him drink her blood with a simple “Grow up.”  Damon comes back for more so she smacks him again.  He throws her on the desk and puts her in a choke hold.  “I’m stronger than you little girl.”  “Well I’m angrier!” Caroline declares, head butts him and throws him across the room.  She does the quick flee with Bill. 

Naturally though, it all blows up in her face.  Bill tries to be nice while leaving town, but Caroline pulls the “I’ll be okay” line.  Bill just can’t hold back.  “You’re a vampire sweetheart.  I don’t think you’re ever going to be okay again.”  Oh poor Caroline, the rejection really hurts.  If it wasn’t for the hot werewolf waiting for her in her bedroom, I might actually be crushed for her (I kid!).  
Let’s just throw the rest in here, because talk about busy!  Everyone is scheming and it’s quite ludicrous at times, but these are the grand champions of plotting.   
Rebekah is a little princess after all. She loves to complain.  She doesn’t like modern clothes, she doesn’t like modern music, etc.  No wonder Klaus put a dagger through her.  Klaus and Stefan dismiss her as a complainer.  Stefan certainly isn’t feeling the love he felt 90 years ago and he and Klaus have a great time ribbing on her. In the meantime Katherine has decided she’s bored and picks her Salvatore of choice.  She wants Stefan to team up with her.  She also warns him that Rebekah is bad news.  Too bad Stefan blew her off with the “I’m going it alone” line because she was so right.  

Gloria, who I think is really cool, finds the necklace through her special ways.  She hears Elena, Bonnie, and Caroline talking about Stefan.  So she waits for the moment for Stefan to be alone and tells him she wants the necklace.  It’s a talisman for the original witch.  Stefan doesn’t cooperate, so Gloria has no choice but the disable him and torture.  Oh yes, bring on shirtless Stefan Salvatore and his man pain.  It’s fan girl’s dream come true.   Gloria eventually gets the truth, just in time to Katharine to come out of nowhere and kill her.  Oh drat.  I liked her!  Katherine again tries to get Stefan to team with her but he takes off with the body alone.  

Honestly Stefan, do you think Klaus or Rebekah wouldn’t find out something is amiss?  Stefan starts asking Rebekah questions like, “Are they still on the run?”  “Who was that man in the bar in Chicago?”  She gives him a kiss and then realizes he’s still really in love with the girl he lost back in Mystic Falls.  She also can tell that Stefan isn’t on the level and tells Klaus.  He’s rather accepting on this news since his witch is gone and he’s pretty pissed off about it.    
Somehow, everyone ends up back in Mystic Falls.  Klaus carts Stefan, Rebekah and the  dead family members in the semi truck there, while Katherine plays Elena and tricks Bonnie into giving her the necklace.  Then she goes for plan B.  Damon.  He’s willing to go along because he’s tired of being the good guy.  
Oh boy, the plot just doesn’t thicken on this show.  It has the consistency of wet cement!  Lots of murky agendas and no one seems to be loyal to anyone.  I guess why it’s called “Disturbing Behavior.”  
So what does it all mean?  The agendas all seem to overlap and no one wants to work together.  Supernatural beings and human beings aren’t so different after all.   Looking out for number one is the sacred rule.  
Overall “Disturbing Behavior” is a really decent setup episode, the ideal driver for plots and agendas, but wasn’t as enjoyable as the first three episodes of the season.  That’s okay, because I’ll take episodes like this that setup plot so I can get great ones down the road when it all falls out.  Scheming is an important part of this show and once in a while time has to be devoted to that.  I’m glad they took that opportunity.  Next week, Klaus finds the doppleganger alive.  Uh oh!  

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