Reese ‘enjoys’ a day in the park while Finch gets hands on in the hospital.  Add to that Bear making a new friend, Fusco showing his loyalty all around and Carter going further down the rabbit hole that is the CIA…and their link to Reese and everyone got in on the action.  

Critical was not perhaps the most riveting hour put out by PoI but it is still worth a watch or two.  Similar to last season’s Risk, Critical ups the ante in the final two minutes and that overcomes any of the ho-hum that may have occurred earlier in the episode.

I love how droll Jim Caviezel plays Reese… “Now who would be dumb enough to get into a life-threatening situation twice?”  Well, you, Mr. Reese, for one.  However, enter Leon (via smashing window) and we have the light-hearted aspect for the episode.  Leon with Bear, Leon calling Finch ‘bubby’ and Finch offering “backpats all around” made for the colorful and humorous parts of this episode.  I enjoy little moments of humor that bubble up naturally rather than forced attempts.  PoI rarely forces humor…in fact, I can’t remember a time that they have ever.

As for Finch, well he is the fish out of water this week as he spends almost the entire episode in the hospital where he dashes back and forth between the anteroom to the OR and the doctor’s office.  Ever resourceful though he manages to keep ears on the doctor, eyes on Amy all while wrangling Leon into doing the electronic legwork that needs to be done.  Emerson plays Finch perfectly (as usual) while he enters and exits the OR to communicate with the doctor as well as keep tabs on John and Leon.  Then, when he assists the doctor with the patient, he shows himself capable in a difficult situation while at the same time extremely affected by it.  Just enough gagging into the mask without making me want to do the same.

Fusco continues to show his desire to be a team member as he protects Carter by secreting a piece of evidence away from a murder scene that would surely raise questions and then by thinking quick on his feet to start a diversion so Reese could drop a phone into Amy’s bag.  He finishes up his good guy effort this week by realizing the threat and heading straight back into danger to provide an assist.  Fusco may have yet to reveal the renewed threat by Simmons but he continues to excel at that which Reese first recognized in him way back in the Pilot, his loyalty.

As for Carter, she participated in the far more interesting storyline this week…well, aside from meeting Alistair and eagerly hoping for a return of this character and more revelations regarding Reese and the CIA and Istanbul…as she was drawn out by Mark Snow so that he could get a warning to Reese.  I was so hoping for Mark to reveal that it’s Stanton that has him and watch Carter share that information with John, but, that reveal is still tantalizingly out of reach…oh, anticipation.

What really sold this episode though was the darkness swirling around that final scene as John made it clear to Carter that there are hard choices she needs to make.  Her desire to be in the know could cost her all that she holds dear.  As seasoned as Detective Carter is, I do not believe she understands the risks as she continues to search for answers.  Reese painted those risks clearly; Carter still has her life, it is still hers.  For Reese and Finch, however, it is too late.  

Again the idea of the suicide mission that both men are on is subtly implied here but it is extremely effective.  The lighting and framing of this scene make it that much more powerful as Reese’s face is half in the light and half in the shadows.  He is framed straight on, although shadowed, when he presents the risks to Carter but then in profile as we see him struggle with the answers.  John carries a heavy load, I for one am eager for the unloading of that burden.  Thankfully, Carter is the conduit for we the viewers into the mysteries that burden John Reese and she is not going to stop asking questions.

We get a repeat this week as it is Thanksgiving in the USA.  Enjoy Baby Blue if you haven’t seen it before; a stellar episode!

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