Wow. They really stuffed things into these episodes. This could take a bit. Let’s do it by bullet point.

  • I notice the “food” Liv prepares for her brain this time is a fancy coffee type of drink – and the brain she was on had a habit of going to a bar and getting fancy alcoholic drinks. So I guess the connection seems clearer this time.
  • This time we have some survivors of the Liv/Major curse. Justin and Chase Graves both live to the end of the season as well as Shawna. However, none of those people were in active relationships with Liv or Major at season’s end while Natalie was so that seems to be the secret to surviving the curse.
  • Once again Major finishes out a season as a zombie. I was kind of disappointed with this, though it was understandable.
  • There were some genuinely dark humor moments these episodes. The half-zombie crawling along the road stands out but several times I laughed out loud which I don’t remember doing much this seasons since Major ate teenage girl brains.
  • Ok, I almost broke a rib laughing at the Liv/Ravi humor scenes too. That was worth the price of admission.
  • I see my discussion of the first and second seasons and the world building play out here and the consequences are examined. (Maybe next season will conclude with the reveal that this was all a prequel to the Walking Dead series.) While I don’t think the show runner is reading these reviews, it’s nice to both see quality world building, and have some gratification at calling it way back then.
  • Chase Graves grew on me a lot as an antagonist these episodes. He came off as what I wanted Vaughn to be way back in the day: A real character with understandable goals and practical methods on reaching those goals. I’m curious if he’ll remain as such in the next season or if we’ll see Blaine or Mr. Boss shuffle into his spot.
  • Blaine vs Chase Graves scenes were great and I regret we didn’t get more between them this season.
  • The cure vs vaccine brings up possibilities, and potential debates next season with whether people want to avoid being zombies or take the chance an immortality. In some ways this is shaping up to examine issues that vampire stories should – but often don’t.
  • Feels so weird to say this about Rose but I think I prefer her albino zombie look. Maybe next time she can wear a red wing.
  • LOVED the reveal that Clive is a germophobe. It’s just so… him and adds more layers to the character. It also gave Malcolm Goodwin a chance to do comedy as the serious, straight man of the group and he delivered.
  • Him revealing the truth to Dale was well done too. I was very ‘meh’ on their relationship before but the show has started selling me on it now. The closing scene of him helping her dye her hair was… touching.
  • The mystery of the week was very well done and blend quite well into the arc.

And it all closed out with a major shake up of the status quo; the implications of which I’ll go over in the season 3 review. It may not have always been perfect, but for these two episodes? Put together they earn an A+ easy, and help set the standard and curve on which the show is judged. It all definitely closed out on a high.

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