Episode 2. Time for the show to settle into the season routine. So this episode we get back into the swing of things with a case for Liv to solve while the B-plot revolved around exploring Clive’s character and the developing zombie nation plot.

Interesting bit of world building there with the soldiers’ revelation about the “mush tube.” I especially liked it since it answers an important world building question in a way that makes logical sense: What happens if a zombie eats more than 1 brain? Now we know that if the number is high enough, it seems the personalities cancel each other out, leaving the zombie’s normal, dominant superego in charge. Is that true for ANY amount over 1? Or will a low enough number give the zombie the equivalent of bi-polar disease with them swinging from one personality to another?

We don’t know yet because rather than having Liv eat 2, this episode we share the brains out of the victims to Major as well, giving the two actors a great chance to bounce off of each other. I don’t know if this season can top Major with the brain of a teenage girl but I for one still can’t stop laughing at it. Pep-talk-daddy Liv was good and made a nice contrast to Major. While in general I think Rose McIver does well with the acting, it’s not always clear at times what’s supposed to be her vs the brain she’s on, so there is some irony that the contrast becomes clearer when we add another person to the mix. I don’t know how long we’ll be able to keep up Major & Liv sharing scenery between them but I hope we get a few more episodes of it as it’s just a delight.

And I’m still not disappointed with Clive now being in on the secret – especially now that he gets to bounce off Ravi and they make a great pair. Ravi & Major’s friendship was entertaining in the earlier seasons but dampened by Major’s descent into troubled times. Since both Ravi & Clive have stable(ish) lives and are now ordinary folks in on the secret, we should have several episodes worth of them playing the straight men to the craziness of the iZombie world. Both actors have skill at dry, wry delivery (especially Malcolm Goodwin [Clive]) I’m thinking their snark may be the thing to look forward to every week.

Still no telling if the random acts of violence on the zombie family was truly a grassroots, random attack or if the new “Not-quite-evil Co” are setting up a larger plan. I’m curious where things will go this season.

Final grade is a C+ only because the show has set the bar for A+ so high and this episode was just an average one of its usual quality. Don’t forget that this show’s C grade is better than some other shows’ A.

BONUS FUN! This episode we also learn that Clive likes his pie. I think we all know where this is going…

(thx as always to Wednesday for the pic)

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