Huh. Two episodes in the queue. I didn’t think I skipped a week.

Oh well, time for the lightning round.

Eat, Pray, Liv

A cute little episode with a clever twist on the case of the week. Also an episode with no visions from the brain of the week. Good for them on mixing things up.

At least I finally got it stuck in my head that Ravi’s old boss is “Katty” though I still can’t tell her apart from the CEO lady. By now it’s pretty obvious that she is going to learn the truth about zombies, the real betting game is whether she’ll be a zombie before or after that moment. I’m still not happy about Ravi having a fling with her. While yes guys – well anyone – can do something stupid in a moment of emotional pain, it stretches believability that he would be with someone that was previously established as him disliking so much. I mean if he went back to that one barista who didn’t know Star Wars maybe…

Curious to see what’s going on with Major and the former DJ as I can’t tell whether the bonding effort is just that, or if Major has some kind of larger plot planned.

All in all pretty standard season filler. I give the grade a C.

Wag the Tongue Softly

iZombie 3.04 Wag The Tongue Slowly main

At this point I’m starting to think the writers have an annual contest for the worst thing they can put Major through. It’s hard enough watching him slowly die but now we have to watch him be thwarted on completing the ONE thing on his bucket list? You’re killing me, show! (well, technically you’re killing him, but I’ve grown empathetic)

Meanwhile it looks like Blaine’s new character rewrite is going to stick. Ok I guess I just find it more meaningful for a character’s redemption to come from a desire for it and to put in the work to obtain it. By this point it almost seems like just pandering to the Blaine fans on the part of the writers. Though… for a show that was half decent on science and medicine (though Hollywood sets a LOW bar in that regard), Ravi’s “I’m going to cure memory loss” effort just makes me facepalm. Do you not think there isn’t entire industries working on trying to cure things like dementia and Alzheimer? Yet RAVI BY HIMSELF is going to do what entire companies can’t? This is one area where I wish the show was taking advantage of the new (supposed to be) company ally and have Ravi work with their researchers on the cure. There’s a lot of potential intrigue and drama there.

The case of the week was another fun twist. By now we can definitely see a pattern where it looks like this season the victims will be the most animated characters to give Rose McIver more… to make it clearer that she’s under the influence. Which I don’t mind since I’ve said before the one flaw in the show is that at times it could be hard to tell where Liv ended and the new brain began.

Though, I do have to complain about the most unrealistic thing the show. A gun range in Seattle*?? And there’s a white supremacist there? I can believe in literal zombies and Ravi curing major diseases all by himself before that bullshit. Just… was the show tired of being fresh and interesting and decided to do the most cliche thing imaginable? There’s been reports of a rise in female gun ownership in America, so what if it was a woman at the gun range? Maybe one that started buying guns after seeing the picture her brother showed her (so we can keep that connection).

It’s just sad to see the show shoot it’s own creativity like that. The grade drops to a C-.

*Ok I kid a bit. If you do a google maps search for gun ranges in Seattle it shows like… half a dozen around there.

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