So, The CW could have gone two ways with the promo photos for the season five premiere on October 3rd.  They could have enticed us with hot Salvatore photos (even if it’s really Silas instead of Stefan), or…they could show Elena and Caroline toting around their laundry.  So glad they went with the latter (sarcasm).  

Oh Bonnie, you dummy.  You went and died, thus becoming a ghost, and missed out on the sheer pleasures of doing laundry and happily carting it around a college campus.  Ditz! 

Ah well, we at least got a nice one of Jeremy, who still makes me wonder how he’s going to go back to high school after coming back from the dead.  I mean, they had a memorial service and everything.  

Anyway, enough rambling.  Here’s the photos!  Oh, and you actually want to know the name of the episode?  It’s supposedly, “I Know What You Did Last Summer.”  The answer…laundry!  I would have voted on “Back to School” myself.  


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