Oh NBC, what a wonderful gift you sent today.  Here are seven photos from Revolution’s premiere episode, set to air on September 25th at 8 pm.  They…tell us nothing.  There’s a lot on Tom Neville.  But at least it’s something to tide us over for a few more weeks. 

{AG thumbWidth=”200″ thumbHeight=”120″ thumbAutoSize=”width” arrange=”priority” backgroundColor=”ffffff” foregroundColor=”808080″ highliteColor=”fea804″ frame_width=”500″ frame_height=”360″ newImageTag=”0″ newImageTag_days=”7″ paginUse=”1″ paginImagesPerGallery=”30″ albumUse=”1″ showSignature=”0″ plainTextCaptions=”0″ template=”classic” popupEngine=”pirobox”}Revolution/2.01{/AG}

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