Here are, in no particular order, nine reasons why “Ghost World” is one of my favorite Vampire Diaries Episodes Ever:

1.  Duh, ghosts of the past dead recurring characters.  


But not just any recurring characters.  A freaking dream team, all in one episode!  Mason Lockwood, Bonnie’s Grandma Sheila, Lexi, Anna, and even a nice surprise appearance by Pearl at the end.  All wins.  Sure, there could have been a few more (*cough Jenna *cough), but hey, we only had one hour. 

2.  Mason Lockwood is one great looking, totally awesome, werewolf ghost. 

He’s even better than just an ordinary werewolf.  I did scratch my head a bit wondering why Mason would go to Damon instead of Tyler himself, who was most notably absent in this episode, but I loved how he put aside his resentment of Damon killing him for Tyler’s sake.  However, he had some “unfinished business” first, giving Damon a rightful comeuppance for killing him.  While I loved him staking Damon, pulling off his ring and opening the curtains of broad daylight on him, my favorite bit was Mason’s grand appearance at the bar, smashing a glass on his forehead.  After all that time on the “otherside” he didn’t want revenge.  He wanted redemption.  Kind of makes you feel like a real prick, doesn’t it Damon?  Especially when Mason freed him from the…impaling stick doohickey trap in the cave.  

3.  Damon sucks at apologies yet it works anyway. 

No matter how bad his apology was, Alaric still bought it.  Mason too, although I think he knew time was short.  You just can’t say no to that cocky Salvatore charm.  

4.  A happy ending!  Wow! 

Poor, poor Anna.  She took and hid the necklace that could send all the ghosts back because she couldn’t stand being alone anymore.  She wanted Jeremy desperately, and he wanted her too.  I have to admit, Bonnie picked the wrong time to get horribly jealous.  She has a right, but she had other things on her plate.  Pushing all that drama aside though, Anna in the end did the right thing and gave the necklace to Jeremy.   He promised her should wouldn’t be alone, and either it be dumb luck or that he did something, Anna’s tearful reunion with Pearl before fading away is a rare happy ending for such a beloved character.  I haven’t been this weepy since Roses’ death scene last season.  Both bittersweet, but this was more satisfying.  

5.  Lexi and Elena should rule the world. 

If there was anyone Elena needed to learn toughness from, it was the girl that cared enough to be the most badass, bone chilling, never give up savior of vampires gone bad.  A head to a car door window is a cool way of saying “Hi, I’m back from the dead to kick your ass.” 

I like how Elena was desperate enough to consider using Jeremy and his seeing dead people skills to find Lexi.  I only wish Lexi could have stayed around more, but I guess that would have made it too easy for Stefan.  He’s obviously in a very dark place and one session with Lexi shouldn’t have done it.  So the question is, how far will Elena go to get Stefan back?  Babe has to learn the laws of tough love.  She’s off to a great start leaving Stefan chained up in the chamber.  

6.  No doubt about it, Caroline is best when she gets to kick some ass. 

It wasn’t only the good people that walked through the pried open ghost door when Vicki was sent back.  No, the revenge filled bad ones from the tomb were there too.  Their unfinished business was the founding fathers, which made Mrs. Lockwood a prime target.  Caroline had a choice, go with Bonnie or save her boyfriend’s mother from the evil vamps.  No contest.  She was kicking some butt and looking great doing it.  Even Mrs. Lockwood is a fan girl now!  

7.  Bonnie is still in over her head. 

Now, don’t get me wrong, I was pretty choked up when she and Granny Sheila held hands, did their witch channeling thing and cleaned up the mess she created in the first place, earning her a much needed “I’m so proud of you” from Grans.  But a young witch like her is no match for the one very powerful witch on the otherside.  There was bound to be a twist.  The necklace restoring itself works.  Her work is far from done.  

8.  Markings in a cave. 

Okay, it has a Smallville feel to it.  I doubt these are aliens from Krypton though.  It’s something, and the fact that Alaric is the one that can access and transcribe, it gives him something to do other than be Damon’s sidekick.  Whoo hoo, a storyline!  I do wonder where it will go.  Somewhere we will never expect for sure. 

9.  More Endless Possibilities.

So, did all these ghosts move on, finishing their “unfinished” business?  I hope for all of their sakes so, but at least Anna and Pearl are together in eternity.  That makes everything right in the world.  I’m actually hoping that Mason, Lexi, and Sheila aren’t done though, just if anything for an excuse to bring them back.  As for Jeremy and Bonnie, meh.  I think Jeremy needs to lay off girlfriends for a while.  He’s got some other issues to work out, like he, Matt, and Alaric representing the human world for this town.  Apparently, some new mysteries must be solved.

So that, in a nutshell, is why “Ghost World” was from beginning to end was a classic and now I have a new fave for the rewatch list.  Season three continues to roll in a big way.  

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