“The Angel of Death” picks up almost halfway through season six and it still feels like we have so much ground to cover. It’s only been in the last episode or two that we’ve started to get a more clear understanding of what the Doomsday Killer(s) are trying to accomplish. Up until now we’ve known that Professor Gellar is a psychopath that uses religion as a justification for his own dark passenger and Travis is his brainwashed, extremely apprehensive partner in crime. Even now we don’t have much of a back-story on the odd couple but we do know that Travis believes Professor Gellar is a prophet of God meant to help bring about the Apocalypse. And we know that the two most likely met when Travis was a student in Gellar’s class. It’s more than we knew last week, but is it enough intrigue for halfway through the season? I don’t know. What do you think?

Also, at this point in the season shouldn’t there be some serious stumbling blocks stacking up against Dexter? This is the first time we’ve made it this far through a season without Dexter on someone’s radar. Sure, Travis knows about him now, sort of. He knows his face and will no doubt run into him at the station in the near future but at this point I don’t see him as a major threat to Dexter.

The only other storyline Dexter is juggling at this point is his new friendship with Brother Sam who I don’t see as a threat to Dexter at this point. To be honest, I love this friendship. I think Sam is good for Dexter; he’s a reminder that his darkness doesn’t have to control his life like it has in the past. Sam is someone that Dexter can confide in as he did this week with the story about his mother. Their friendship is an easy one, unlike Dexter’s friendship with Miguel Prado in season three. Both Miguel and Sam have dark pasts but Miguel was intent on focusing in on that darkness while Brother Sam is all about the light. 

“There’s no darkness that the light can’t overcome.”

And it’s clear from the preview for next week that Dexter truly values his friendship with Sam. After Sam is shot, Dexter vows to himself that his dark passenger will make amends. Judging by how good Dexter’s tracking skills are, I’m sure he will keep his promise. But I worry that Brother Sam will figure out it is Dexter who killed his shooter. And I don’t know if he’ll be willing to keep Dexter’s secret. What do you think? Do you think Brother Sam is ever going to find out about Dexter’s secret? Do you think he already has an inkling about Dexter’s dark passenger?  

Quinn, Quinn, Quinn… Why would you sleep with someone involved in the case you’re working on? Even if there’s the slightest chance that Holly knows anything, sleeping with her compromises everything. But that’s Quinn, isn’t it? He did the same thing with Christine Hill in season four. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut and leaked important information about the Trinity Killer, which ended up getting Frank Lundy killed. It’s not that I don’t feel bad for the guy; he clearly loves Debra and was willing to change his sordid ways to be with her. I get that he’s hurting right now but he handles his pain in the most immature way imaginable. 

Speaking of immature…Masuka has a new intern/evil genius. So far Louis Green doesn’t have much to offer other than his mad computer skills. But if there’s one thing we all know about the internet it’s that nothing is ever forgotten. So Masuka may think Louis erased any link between him and Ice Truck Killer evidence but I’m sure it will rear its ugly head again soon, but how? 

Deb has a lot going on these days and it seems it’s really starting to get to her. She’s got the pressures of being a lieutenant not to mention being her ex’s boss. She’s living in her brother’s house and feuding with the nanny. It seems to be more than she can handle. But for Deb to admit she needs help is a quite a statement. 

Deb: “Maybe I do need to go to therapy.”
Dexter: “No more than me.”
Deb: “Am I that f-ed up?”

And not only to admit it to Dexter, but to actually open up to her therapist; this is a different Deb than season one.  As she told the therapist, I don’t think she has any mixed feelings about her shooting at the beginning of the season. She did what she had to do and she knows that. She could have answered the therapist’s questions about the shooting and gone on with her day, but she didn’t. I’m liking this new and improved Deb. I have always enjoyed Deb and Dexter’s relationship, but at times I’ve wished that Deb was a little less dependent on her brother. And I’m glad to see she hasn’t just shifted that dependent nature over to another man. She is finally taking life into her own hands. She chose her career over her relationship with Quinn. Yes, she could have had both if that’s what she wanted, but it wasn’t. She’s moving out of Dexter’s apartment and getting a place of her own.  This is all good stuff. So for now let’s enjoy independent Deb and ignore the fact that they’re obviously pushing her toward a relationship with Anderson. 

Speaking of Anderson, I know he’s coming off as a judgmental know-it-all but I think his character is interesting. Yes, I’m a little biased because he’s supposed to be from Chicago but I think he’s smart and he knows his stuff. He’s a little outspoken at times but he usually gets put in his place pretty quickly. Let’s just remember how Quinn started out. Now he’s a lovable idiot, at least in my opinion. So I guess I’ve just decided to give Anderson a chance. I think he could grow on me. 

So what did you guys think of “The Angel of Death?” How are you feeling about the pace of the season so far? I’d love to hear your thoughts! 

Here are some random thoughts and observations

*Oh Dexter, why did you have to cut the page out of Travis’ Bible? Like he’s not going to notice. That Bible is obviously getting it’s fair share of use these days. Could you not just take a picture, jot down an ISBN, something! 

*The fight between Debra and Jamie was a bit uncomfortable. Sure Deb shouldn’t keep pictures like that lying around for Harrison to see but there was no need to Jamie to be quite so rude. 

*I am really enjoying the chemistry between Mos Def and Michael Hall. They really play off each other very well. Please don’t kill of Brother Sam!   

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