This is so much fun for me.  I get to see a lot of previews, but very few have me absolutely rolling on the floor in a fit of laughter like these two clips I got today from NBC from a show that’s on my weekly watch list, Go On. 

Bob Costas, who’s someone that I am a “big fan” of, is guest starring in the first episode after the midwinter break.  It’s airing on January 8th at 9 pm.  The title, appropriately enough, “Win at All Costas.”  

“For whatever misguided reasons, I’m one of his idols,” explains Costas of Matthew Perry’s character, Ryan King.  “So I call to give him a word of encouragement, he’s over the moon about that, next thing I know he and I are on set together, he’s on a show that I’m hosting, and, as predicted, hilarity ensues.”  


Hilarity is right.  Here’s a clip show how “over the moon” Ryan really is.  Warning, you might not want to be watching at work if laughing out loud is frowned upon!


In another clip, Costas gets deep with Mr. K (Brett Gelman) himself.  “Well, Brett has a very zen like quality, after many, many episodes, I’m not sure the regulars have figured him out quite yet.  So it was a case of method acting you had to lock into.  Dialogue is not really what carried the day, it was a sense of interaction.  So I had to call upon my days with Stanislavski and with Uta Hagen at the actor’s studio.” 


Method, huh?  Costas did later change his tune about the scene.  “What am talking about?  I have no idea what I’m talking about.  It was just a scene.  He looked at me, I looked at him, we kind of swayed back and forth as I remember and then they said cut.  What are you asking me?” 

So what was Bob Costas’ sincere reaction after doing Go On?  “I like Matthew Perry, I’ve always enjoyed his work.  He and I have had a lot of interaction before we wound up doing the show together so I felt comfortable with him.  The first few episodes of Go On that I saw I thought were very good.  It’s funny but there’s also a dark side to it so they’re taking some chances there.  I thought it would be fun and it was.” 

Here’s the offical description courtesy of NBC:


BOB COSTAS INVITES RYAN TO BE A PART OF HIS NEW TV SHOW – BOB COSTAS (NBC SPORTS) GUEST STARS – Ryan (Matthew Perry) receives an invitation from Bob Costas, his hero, to take part on his new TV show while Fausta (Tonita Castro) invites everyone in the group to her niece’s Quincenierra – everyone except Anne (Julie White). Meanwhile, after completing a major project at work, Mr. K (Brett Gelman) searches to find a new way to contribute and make a difference.Laura Benanti, Tyler James Williams and Suzy Nakamura also star. 

As a bonus, here’s some more preview photos!

Be sure to tune in for Go On’s big return from midseason break on January 8th at 9pm on NBC.  

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