It’s that time of year!  When networks start to entice us with the fact that even though the premiere are a few weeks away, we can get by until then with promo photos!  You know, the photos with those serious poses that show off the pretty, but really don’t tell us anything that’s going on.  

Up first, The CW’s The Originals.  These 16 photos are for the special October 3rd premiere, which currently is titled “Always and Forever.”  This episode will follow The Vampire Diaries season five premiere.  I immediately noticed Sebastian Roche in that long blond wig.  Bliss!  

{AG thumbWidth=”200″ thumbHeight=”120″ thumbAutoSize=”width” arrange=”priority” backgroundColor=”ffffff” foregroundColor=”808080″ highliteColor=”fea804″ frame_width=”500″ frame_height=”360″ newImageTag=”0″ newImageTag_days=”7″ paginUse=”1″ paginImagesPerGallery=”30″ albumUse=”1″ showSignature=”0″ plainTextCaptions=”0″ template=”classic” popupEngine=”pirobox”}TheOriginals/1.02{/AG}

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