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Recap: Wanted: Anybody and everybody that has been on an episode of the Flash. Survival not guaranteed.

Muggle Musings: Eh not much to talk about, this was another decent “workhorse” episode to move everything into position for the big finale.

I still can’t decide whether I prefer them just trying to ignore the legal ramifications of the metahumans or coming out and dealing with them.

Though I have to wonder about Barry’s plan. No, not the “moving metas” and “trusting Capt. Cold” deal, that was all fine and in character as far as they go. What I object to is:

  1. Why not RESTRAIN the metahumans, even if you have on a power limiter field? Because you know what? Even without their powers the people jailed are still HUMANS, one of the deadliest creatures on earth. Not to mention that the jailbirds very nearly started killing each other in there hadn’t the plot got in the way. How much egg would have been on Barry’s face had he gone to all this trouble to try and save these people from Wells, only to have them die at each other’s hand?
  2. Why hasn’t Cisco bothered building another cold gun? (or any more high tech weaponry) Yeah, Wells told him not to to “save Barry” but now? Cisco KNOWS Wells has been lying. AND he’s an evil speedster. If anything the cold gun reprimand was more self-serving than anything, if I was Cisco I’d have a damn assembly line churning cold guns out once I learned Wells was a traitor.

Neither are that big of a deal, but they were definitely the most fridge-logic moments in the episode.

Metahuman Musings: So Arrow and Firestorm show up in this episode. You know what that means?

Alice: No, I’m not doing it.

Nate: But it’s tradition!

Alice: It was 5 minutes!

Nate: But-

Alice: Nobody cares about this episode! Get to the finale, already.

Fast Enough



Muggle Musings: Science? Bah! If you’re looking for science and realism here, you’re watching the wrong show.

Actually I am really glad that they put most of the focus of the episode on the characters and let the more sci-fi/comic-booky stuff serve as support for further investigation into who these people are. Of course it was great to see Martin Stein again and see Victor on screen because he’s just awesome as an actor. Everyone else also knocked it out of the park save for Tom Cavanagh who just wasn’t given a whole lot to work with this episode (can’t knock it out of the park if you never get up to bat). His bit with Cisco was good.

I must admit a bit of surprise at how much the death of Eddie got to me. Before, I had mentioned that I was grateful they were leaving him a 3 dimensional character instead of a 2D cardboard just to antagonize the love triangle. But no, through the season I actually got to kind of like Eddie and wished we got to see more of a bro-friendship with him and Barry while Barry had Cisco & Caitlin for the nerd-friendship. I wish he could have gotten a few more scenes this season, but still, way to go out a hero. In a bittersweet laugh, one can almost imagine in his final moments Eddie going, “You know what? Enough of this shit!” *blam*

In the end, it was the most ordinary man who was the hero of the hour.

Metahuman Musings: Gee, what WASN’T a cameo or shoutout or reference this episode? Heck I’ve apparently missed a few and I was trying to keep a close eye on the episode (really need to watch it again, such are the “heavy” burdens of an internet critic). Nerds everywhere just have to be drunk on shout-outs after this.

To pick the biggest one to harp on is the confirmation that Cisco is a metahuman. Everyone knew he should be Vibe as soon as they heard the name, but whether he would be or what he would be has been debated. That he’s been one all along, though without any real obvious or useful powers, is a nice bit. With all the wormhole and time travel shenanigans it looks like they’re setting up for next season… maybe his role will be even bigger and more important than ever!

Until then, keep an eye out here and at as I get us through the summer with reviews of the first Flash TV series and the season 0 comic.

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